Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Xian Lu

Research Interests

I am interested in characterizing gravity waves and thermal tides in the polar region and accessing their impacts on polar dynamics, space weather and the vertical coupling of the whole atmosphere, by using lidar, radar and satellite observations. Gravity wave and tidal models in the polar region are invoked to interpret the observed wave characteristics, locate wave sources, and identify underlying mechanisms. Through comparing these observations with whole atmosphere models such as WAM (NOAA) and WACCM (NCAR), my goal is to validate model simulations and meanwhile provide observational evidences to constrain the model parameters associated with gravity wave and tides. Incorporating observations and models is intended to help better understanding the wave effects on the space environment and predicting the resulted space variabilities. My study will be focused on, but not limited to the dynamics of the polar region. Low and middle latitudes will also be covered to support my research.