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AT730 - Mesoscale Modeling - Spring 2002

AT730 - Mesoscale Modeling

Credits: 3

Location: 101 Atmospheric Science

Required Text


Hardcover - 676 pages 2nd edition 2002
Academic Pr; ISBN: 0125547668

Feb. 12th

Hi Everyone-

We will have class this Friday starting at 1115am. Next week, we will have class Wed and Friday. See you later this week.

Roger P.

Feb. 8th Assignment

The class assignment made today is to program the linear advection equation with periodic lateral boundary conditions using forward-upstream differencing. Then complete the set of experiments for wavelength in terms of delta-x and Courant number as given in problem #1. Compare your numerically analyzed values for lamba and phase speed to those in Table 10-1. Tenatively, our next class is Friday, Feb 15th at 1115pm. Enjoy your weekend. Giovanni will present more on the vorticity conservation equations, and I will continue discussing Chapter 10, and perhaps, continue into Chapter 5.

Feb. 6th

We will have class this Friday at 1115am. I will begin Section 10.1, and we continue our discussions on what constitutes level-0 of a model equation set. Giovanni will also present level-0 in terms of the vorticity framework.



Feb. 4th

Hi Everyone-

Today's class was very informative. On Wednesday, please print one transparency for your chosen model with the list of "1-st tier" equations (i.e. the conservation equations for velocity, heat, etc.) along with a list of what are the dependent variables, externally prescribed variables and prescribed constants in this first tier. Please see me if not clear.

Class starts at 11:15 am on Wed. Our next class after that is Monday at 11:15 am.

Feb 1 - UPDATED LIST of Model Talks

  1. Curtis ARPS
  2. Maike COAMPS
  3. John COMMAS
  4. Giovanni TVM
  5. Tim MM5
  6. Ann RAMS
  7. Cristian ETA

Jan 30

For the model talks (5-10 minutes each), following is the list. The presentation can be in whatever order you prefer.

  1. Curtis ARPS
  2. . Maike COAMPS
  3. John CCM3
  4. Giovanni TVM
  5. Tim MM5
  6. Ann RAMS
  7. Cristian ETA

We will also continue Chapter 5.

Please attend the seminar tomorrow, if you can. The research area of Dr. Kasahara can be sampled by looking at his papers listed on page 609 of the text. It is the vertical coordinate system which he discusses in his 1974 paper. The horizontal grid lattices is the work of A. Arakawa, which we will discuss in chapter 11. As mentioned, in lieu of a mid-term and final, the presentation of problems will be substituted. Class will start at 11:15am, for the remainder of the semester.

Jan. 25

We will meet Monday and Wed of this coming week, starting at 11:10am.We will discuss Chapter 4. Have a good weekend.


Jan. 18

For Wednesday's class, please read the review of my book on the web site. Be prepared to discuss. The comments are specifically with respect to Chapter 3. Click here to go straight to the review.


Jan. 14

Welcome to AT 730. As I reported to you, the first assignment is to read Chapter 1 and 2 for Wed. Prepare to discuss. Also, let me know if your preference is for lecture or seminar format. The class will be given assigned readings from the Second Edition of
Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling. Selected problems will also be assigned that appear at the end of the chapter. Open book mid-term and final exams will be given. We also will work to produce a mesoscale model as a collective class project. See you Wed!

Roger Pielke Sr.

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