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National Snow and Ice Data Center Group

NSIDC: Supporting and Conducting Cryospheric Research Since 1976

Researchers at CIRES' National Snow and Ice Data Center [About NSIDC] investigate the dynamics of Antarctic ice shelves, new techniques for the remote sensing of snow and freeze/thaw cycle of soils, the role of snow in hydrologic modeling, linkages between changes in sea ice extent and weather patterns, large-scale shifts in polar climate, river and lake ice, and the distribution and characteristics of seasonally and permanently frozen ground. In-house scientific expertise helps NSIDC improve the quality of research data sets and respond quickly to inquiries on snow and ice topics from the general public. Scientists pursue their work as part of the CIRES' Cryospheric and Polar Processes Division. National agencies fund research through the peer review proposal process.

Since 1982, CIRES' scientists at NSIDC, working on various research projects, have investigated the impact and response of the cryosphere in the global climate system


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