Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Courtney Peck

Research Interests

Solar spectral irradiance modelling from the X-ray to the visible portion of the spectrum

Radiative behavior of small-scale solar magnetic structures

Computational radiative transfer

Fostering an inclusive climate for underrepresented groups in STEM fields


Current Research

I am a research scientist in solar physics at CIRES in NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information working on calibration, validation, and scientific algorithm development for the Extreme Ultraviolet and X-ray Irradiance Sensors (EXIS) and Solar Ultraviolet Imager (SUVI) on the NOAA GOES-R line of spacecraft since February 2019. I also lead research on a real-time physics-based solar extreme ultraviolet (EUV) irradiance model to enhance the NOAA operational EUV spectral model space weather data product. 

Prior to joining CIRES, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the National Solar Observatory (NSO) where I used realistic solar surface simulations coupled with state-of-the-art radiative transfer techniques to study the radiative behavior of small magnetic structures on the solar surface. This work provides exciting opportunities to compare solar surface simulation results to upcoming ultra high-resolution science observations from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope