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Heather M. Yocum

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  • Hesed CDMD; Yocum HM; Cross M; Bamzai-Dodson A; Wheeler B; Beckmann JP; Ahlering M; Hall KR; Boyd-Valandra E; Mosher D. (Aug 2023). Seventy questions of importance to the conservation of the North Central grasslands of the United States in a changing climate. Conservation Science and Practice. 10.1111/csp2.12998
  • Yocum HM; Sassorossi DM; Ray AJ. (Jan 2022). Assessing the use of climate change information in State Wildlife Action Plans. Conservation Science and Practice. 10.1111/csp2.608
  • Schulz TT; Wilmer H; Yocum H; Winford E; Peck D; Monlezun AC; Schmalz H; Klemm T; Epstein K; Jansen V. (May 2021). Campfire Conversations at the 2020 annual meeting: Insights & lessons learned from “cuss-and-discuss” rather than “chalk-and-talk”. Rangelands. 10.1016/j.rala.2021.04.003
  • Yocum, HM; Ray, AJ. (Apr 2019). Climate information to support wildlife management in the North Central United States. REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE , 19(4). 10.1007/s10113-019-01474-y
  • Isenhour C; O’Reilly J; Yocum H. (Dec 2016). Introduction to Special Theme Section “Accounting for Climate Change: Measurement, Management, Morality, and Myth”. Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal , 44(6), 647-654. 10.1007/s10745-016-9866-1
  • Yocum, HM. (Dec 2016). It Becomes ScientificaEuro broken vertical bar: Carbon Accounting for REDD plus in Malawi. HUMAN ECOLOGY , 44(6). 10.1007/s10745-016-9869-y