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CMIP6 Air Temperature over N. America in Summer

CMIP6 Ensemble Mean Near Surface Air Temperature for Summer generated from NOAA Climate Change Web Portal.

Mid-century ssp585 temperature change (upper-right panel) is predicted to be largest over interior North America in summer. Changes greater than 4 degrees centigrade fill all latitudes between 35N-60N. Largest changes are over the northern Rockies / high plains of northern US and southern Canada.

CMIP6 Air Temperature over N. America in Winter

CMIP6 Ensemble Mean Near Surface Air Temperature for Winter generated from NOAA Climate Change Web Portal.

Mid-century ssp585 temperature change (upper-right panel) is predicted to be largest over higher latitudes of North America in winter. Winter warming in the US is largest (4-5 degrees C) in the mid-west and great lakes regions. Interannual variablility (lower-right panel) is reduced (blue colors) in mid-century winter where seasonal snowfall (or sea ice) is less common.

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