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Jessie Creamean

Jessie Creamean

Research Interests

  • aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions
  • ice nucleation
  • aerosol chemistry
  • Arctic aerosols
  • mineral dust
  • biological aerosols
  • marine ice nucleating particles

Current Research

I recently started my career in the Arctic research world. My background is in atmospheric chemistry, particularly focusing on aerosol-cloud-precipitation impacts. I received my PhD in 2012, completed a postdoc fellowship at NOAA, and am now a full time research scientist at NOAA through CIRES. I was recently funded through NOAA Climate Program Office for a 5-year project evaluating aerosol chemistry, microbiology, and ice nucleation properties during summertime Arctic cruises starting in 2017. I also work on evaluting aerosol chemistry, size, and optical property measurements at along the North Slope of Alaska as a part of a DOE ASR-funded project. I hope to be heavily involved with other opportunities for Arctic field research and collaboration in the future.


Top left: Northern lights in Barrow during an educational outreach trip (Mar 2016). Bottom left: Working on her samplers on the USCGC Healy icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean (Aug/Sep 2017). Right: Launching a weather balloon in Prudhoe Bay (Mar 2017).

Honors and Awards

  • MILAF Invitational Grant (2014)
  • NRC Research Associate Program fellowship (2012)