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Ligia Bernardet

Ligia Bernardet

Current Research

I am located at the NOAA Global Systems Division (GSD), where I mostly work in projects of the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC). I am responsible for the management of DTC program at GSD and, in that capacity, I oversee the annual cycle of planning, execution, and reporting. I also do hands on work for the DTC Hurricane Task, contributing to the code management, public releases, community training, and testing and evaluation of the Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting (HWRF) model. Recently our group has tested new developments in microphysics, radiation, and convective parameterizations for HWRF and demonstrated improvements which led to transitions to operations at the National Weather Service.

I am the lead of DTC's Global Model Test Bed - a DTC project aimed at the improvement of physical parameterizations for operational global prediction models. Working with a team of colleagues at GSD and NCAR, I have led the establishment of a hierarchical testing facility, with tests of various complexity levels to assess the performance of physical parameterizations, in isolation and as part of a complex modeling system. Our testbed is available to our own staff and to community scientists for conducting experiments that can lead to transitions to operations. Additionally, the GMTB is currently developing a software and governance infrastructure to facilitate the use and development of physical parameterizations. The Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) and its associated Interoperable Physics Driver (IPD) are expected to lower the bar for community engagement with NOAA's Next Generation Global Prediction System.

Honors and Awards

  • CIRES/CU 2014 Outstanding Performance Award for leadership to the Hurricane Task of the DTC, which has enabled the growing use of NOAA’s HWRF model.