Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Ligia Bernardet

Current Research

I am located at the NOAA Global Systems Laboratory (GSL), where I mostly work in projects of the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC), an organization whose mission is to accelerate the rate of transition of research innovations to operational numerical weather prediction models. I am responsible for the management of the DTC program at GSL and, in that capacity, I oversee the annual cycle of planning, execution, and reporting. 

I am the lead of DTC's Global Model Test Bed - a project aimed at the improvement of physical parameterizations for operational models. Working with a team of colleagues at GSL and NCAR, I have led the development of the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP), a library of physical parameterizations and associated framework that allow its interoperable use with any model for which an interface is written. The CCPP is publicly developed and supported as a community code.

Our group also established a hierarchical testing facility, with tests of various complexity levels to assess the performance of physical parameterizations, in isolation and as part of a complex modeling system. Our testbed is available to our own staff and to NOAA collaborators for conducting experiments that can lead to transitions to operations. 

Honors and Awards

  • CIRES/CU 2014 Outstanding Performance Award for leadership to the Hurricane Task of the DTC, which has enabled the growing use of NOAA’s HWRF model.