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Valery Zavorotny

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  • Loria, E; OBrien, A; Zavorotny, V; Downs, B; Zuffada, C (2020), Analysis of scattering characteristics from inland bodies of water observed by CYGNSS. Version: 1 REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT 245 , Art. No. 111825, issn: 0034-4257, doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2020.111825
  • Hoseini, M; Asgarimehr, M; Zavorotny, V; Nahavandchi, H; Ruf, C; Wickert, J (2020), First Evidence of Mesoscale Ocean Eddies Signature in GNSS Reflectometry Measurements. Version: 1 REMOTE SENSING 12 (3) , Art. No. 542, doi: 10.3390/rs12030542
  • Brown, G; Charnotskii, M; Churnside, J; Ishimaru, A; Freilikher, V; Fuks, I; Hill, R; Irisov, V; Kravtsov, Y; Lataitis, R; Mudaliar, S; Ostashev, V; Ostrovsky, L; Rino, C; Voronovich, A; Zavorotny, V (2020), Professor Valerian Illich Tatarskii - an appreciation. Version: 1 WAVES IN RANDOM AND COMPLEX MEDIA 30 (1) 1-4, issn: 1745-5030, doi: 10.1080/17455030.2019.1654149
  • Asgarimehr, M; Zavorotny, V; Wickert, J; Reich, S (2018), Can GNSS Reflectometry Detect Precipitation Over Oceans?. Version: 1 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 45 (22) 12585-12592, issn: 0094-8276, doi: 10.1029/2018GL079708
  • Voronovich, AG and VU Zavorotny (2017), Determination of surface reflectivity using radio signals of opportunity. Waves Random Complex Media Version: 1 27 (3) 395-402, issn: 1745-5030, ids: EV2KC, doi: 10.1080/17455030.2016.1253902
  • Voronovich, AG and VU Zavorotny (2017), The Transition From Weak to Strong Diffuse Radar Bistatic Scattering From Rough Ocean Surface. IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag. Version: 1 65 (11) 6029-6034, issn: 0018-926X, ids: FL2LR, doi: 10.1109/TAP.2017.2752219
  • Voronovich, AG and VU Zavorotny (2017), Measurement of Ocean Wave Directional Spectra Using Airborne HF/VHF Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Theoretical Evaluation. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens. Version: 1 55 (6) 3169-3176, issn: 0196-2892, ids: EV8VY, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2017.2663378
  • Alonso-Arroyo, A, J Querol, C Lopez-Martinez, VU Zavorotny, H Park, D Pascual, R Onrubia and A Camps (2017), SNR and Standard Deviation of cGNSS-R and iGNSS-R Scatterometric Measurements. Sens. Version: 1 17 (1) , Art. No. 183, issn: 1424-8220, ids: EJ2DV, doi: 10.3390/s17010183
  • Ruf, CS, R Atlas, PS Chang, MP Clarizia, JL Garrison, S Gleason, SJ Katzberg, Z Jelenak, JT Johnson, SJ Majumdar, A O'brien, DJ Posselt, AJ Ridley, RJ Rose and VU Zavorotny (2016), New Ocean Winds Satellite Mission to Probe Hurricanes and Tropical Convection. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc. Version: 1 97 (3) , issn: 0003-0007, ids: DI9DQ, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-14-00218.1
  • Chew, CC, EE Small, KM Larson and VU Zavorotny (2015), Vegetation Sensing Using GPS-Interferometric Reflectometry: Theoretical Effects of Canopy Parameters on Signal-to-Noise Ratio Data. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens. Version: 1 53 (5) 2755-2764, issn: 0196-2892, ids: CD4OO, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2014.2364513
  • Zabotin, NA, VU Zavorotny and MT Rietveld (2014), Physical mechanisms associated with long-range propagation of the signals from ionospheric heating experiments. Radio Sci. Version: 1 49 (10) 987-995, issn: 0048-6604, ids: AU0PF, doi: 10.1002/2014RS005573
  • Rodriguez-Alvarez, N, DM Akos, VU Zavorotny, JA Smith, A Camps and CW Fairall (2013), Airborne GNSS-R Wind Retrievals Using Delay-Doppler Maps. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens. Version: 1 51 (1) 626-641, issn: 0196-2892, ids: 077IO, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2012.2196437
  • Gutmann, ED, KM Larson, MW Williams, FG Nievinski and V Zavorotny (2012), Snow measurement by GPS interferometric reflectometry: an evaluation at Niwot Ridge, Colorado. Hydrol. Process. Version: 1 26 (19) 2951-2961, issn: 0885-6087, ids: 993YN, doi: 10.1002/hyp.8329
  • Larson, KM, ED Gutmann, VU Zavorotny, JJ Braun, MW Williams and FG Nievinski (2009), Can we measure snow depth with GPS receivers?. Geophys. Res. Lett. Version: 1 36 , Art. No. L17502, issn: 0094-8276, ids: 493RS, doi: 10.1029/2009GL039430
  • Larson, KM, EE Small, ED Gutmann, AL Bilich, JJ Braun and VU Zavorotny (2008), Use of GPS receivers as a soil moisture network for water cycle studies. Geophys. Res. Lett. Version: 1 35 (24) , Art. No. L24405, issn: 0094-8276, ids: 388SU, doi: 10.1029/2008GL036013
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  • Zavorotny, VU and AG Voronovich (1998), Two-scale model and ocean radar Doppler spectra at moderate- and low-grazing angles. IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag. Version: 1 46 (1) 84-92, issn: 0018-926X, ids: YR399, doi: 10.1109/8.655454
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  • TATARSKII, VI and VU ZAVOROTNY (1993), ATMOSPHERIC-TURBULENCE AND THE RESOLUTION LIMITS OF LARGE GROUND-BASED TELESCOPES - COMMENT. J. Opt. Soc. Am. A-Opt. Image Sci. Vis. Version: 1 10 (11) 2410-2414, issn: 0740-3232, ids: MD726, doi: 10.1364/JOSAA.10.002410