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Eleanor Waxman

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  • Herman D; Weerasekara C; Hutcherson LC; Giorgetta FR; Cossel KC; Waxman EM; Colacion GM; Newbury NR; Welch SM; DePaola BD. (Mar 2021). Precise multispecies agricultural gas flux determined using broadband open-path dual-comb spectroscopy. Science Advances , 7(14). 10.1126/sciadv.abe9765
  • Waxman EM; Cossel KC; Giorgetta F; Truong G-W; Swann WC; Coddington I; Newbury NR. (Apr 2019). Estimating vehicle carbon dioxide emissions from Boulder, Colorado, using horizontal path-integrated column measurements. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 19(7), 4177-4192. 10.5194/acp-19-4177-2019
  • Ycas G; Giorgetta FR; Cossel KC; Waxman EM; Baumann E; Newbury NR; Coddington I. (Feb 2019). Mid-infrared dual-comb spectroscopy of volatile organic compounds across long open-air paths. Optica , 6(2), 165-168. 10.1364/OPTICA.6.000165
  • Herman DI; Waxman EM; Ycas G; Giorgetta FR; Newbury NR; Coddington IR. (Feb 2019). Real-time liquid-phase organic reaction monitoring with mid-infrared attenuated total reflectance dual frequency comb spectroscopy. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy , 356, 39-45. 10.1016/j.jms.2019.01.001
  • Hoghooghi N; Wright RJ; Makowiecki AS; Swann WC; Waxman EM; Coddington I; Rieker GB. (Jan 2019). Broadband coherent cavity-enhanced dual-comb spectroscopy. Optica , 6(1), 28-33. 10.1364/OPTICA.6.000028
  • Waxman EM; Cossel KC; Truong G-W; Giorgetta FR; Swann WC; Coburn S; Wright RJ; Rieker GB; Coddington I; Newbury NR. (Sep 2017). Intercomparison of open-path trace gas measurements with two dual-frequency-comb spectrometers. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques , 10(9), 3295-3311. 10.5194/amt-10-3295-2017
  • Toivola, M, NL Prisle, J Elm, EM Waxman, R Volkamer and T Kurten. (Aug 2017). Can COSMOTherm Predict a Salting in Effect?. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A , 121(33). 10.1021/acs.jpca.7b04847
  • Cossel KC; Waxman EM; Giorgetta FR; Cermak M; Coddington IR; Hesselius D; Ruben S; Swann WC; Truong G-W; Rieker GB. (Jul 2017). Open-path dual-comb spectroscopy to an airborne retroreflector. Optica , 4(7), 724-728. 10.1364/OPTICA.4.000724
  • Sareen, N, EM Waxman, BJ Turpin, R Volkamer and AG Carlton. (Mar 2017). Potential of Aerosol Liquid Water to Facilitate Organic Aerosol Formation: Assessing Knowledge Gaps about Precursors and Partitioning. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY , 51(6). 10.1021/acs.est.6b04540
  • Cossel KC; Waxman EM; Finneran IA; Blake GA; Ye J; Newbury NR. (Jan 2017). Gas-phase broadband spectroscopy using active sources: progress, status, and applications. Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics , 34(1), 104-129. 10.1364/JOSAB.34.000104
  • Truong G-W; Waxman EM; Cossel KC; Baumann E; Klose A; Giorgetta FR; Swann WC; Newbury NR; Coddington I. (Dec 2016). Accurate frequency referencing for fieldable dual-comb spectroscopy. Optics Express , 24(26), 30495-30504. 10.1364/OE.24.030495
  • Waxman, EM, J Elm, T Kurten, KV Mikkelsen, PJ Ziemann and R Vokamer. (Oct 2015). Glyoxal and Methylglyoxal Setschenow Salting Constants in Sulfate, Nitrate, and Chloride Solutions: Measurements and Gibbs Energies. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY , 49(19). 10.1021/acs.est.5b02782
  • Kurten, T, J Elm, NL Prisle, KV Mikkelsen, CJ Kampf, EM Waxman and R Volkamer. (May 2015). Computational Study of the Effect of Glyoxal-Sulfate Clustering on the Henrys Law Coefficient of Glyoxal. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A , 119(19). 10.1021/jp510304c
  • Goss, NR, EM Waxman, SC Coburn, TK Koenig, R Thalman, J Dommen, JW Hannigan, GS Tyndall and R Volkamer. (May 2015). Measurements of the Absorption Cross Section of (CHOCHO)-C-13-C-13 at Visible Wavelengths and Application to DOAS Retrievals. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A , 119(19). 10.1021/jp511357s
  • Hayes, PL, AM Ortega, MJ Cubison, KD Froyd, Y Zhao, SS Cliff, WW Hu, DW Toohey, JH Flynn, BL Lefer, N Grossberg, S Alvarez, B Rappenglueck, JW Taylor, JD Allan, JS Holloway, JB Gilman, WC Kuster, JA De Gouw, P Massoli, X Zhang, J Liu, RJ Weber, AL Corrigan, LM Russell, G Isaacman, DR Worton, NM Kreisberg, AH Goldstein, R Thalman, EM Waxman, R Volkamer, YH Lin, JD Surratt, TE Kleindienst, JH Offenberg, S Dusanter, S Griffith, PS Stevens, J Brioude, WM Angevine and JL Jimenez. (Aug 2013). Organic aerosol composition and sources in Pasadena, California, during the 2010 CalNex campaign. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES , 118(16). 10.1002/jgrd.50530
  • Kampf, CJ, EM Waxman, JG Slowik, J Dommen, L Pfaffenberger, AP Praplan, ASH Prevot, U Baltensperger, T Hoffmann and R Volkamer. (May 2013). Effective Henrys Law Partitioning and the Salting Constant of Glyoxal in Aerosols Containing Sulfate. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY , 47(9). 10.1021/es400083d
  • Waxman, EM, K Dzepina, B Ervens, J Lee-Taylor, B Aumont, JL Jimenez, S Madronich and R Volkamer. (Mar 2013). Secondary organic aerosol formation from semi- and intermediate-volatility organic compounds and glyoxal: Relevance of O/C as a tracer for aqueous multiphase chemistry. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS , 40(5). 10.1002/grl.50203