Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Zachary Decker

Research Interests

I'm interested in research at the interface of Atmopsheric Chemistry and Physics.

As a member of the Tropospheric Chemistry group at NOAA, I utilize and develop multi-channel cavity ringdown instruments to measure NOx, NO3, N2O5, NOy, and O3 simultaneously on a one-second time scale. These instruments can and have been implemented on various platforms such as the NOAA P-3 aircraft, Twin-Otter aircraft, and the NOAA CSD Mobil-lab (ground vehicle).

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Current Research

I am currently investigating the nighttime atmospheric chemistry of wildfire smoke plumes. Specifically the reactions, and evolution, of the nitrate radical (NO3) and biomass burning volatile organic compounds in smoke plumes as they are aged and transported. I am studying this system through the master chemical mechanism, as well as in the field during the NOAA and NASA combined FIREX-AQ campaign in 2019.