Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Justin Farrell

Justin Farrell is working with Max Boykoff, and others at CIRES, to expand his computational social science approach for understanding how climate change has become such a polarized issue in the United States. Continuing to blend network science with large-scale machine learning text analysis, Farrell will focus on expanding his methodological framework for improving our understanding about how the communication of science is produced and disseminated within connected networks and subnetworks of organizations. CIRES is an ideal institutional home for this sort of interdisciplinary and collaborative research program on cultural and political conflict over climate change. As a native of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Farrell is excited about returning to the region, but is especially excited about the opportunities for exchanging ideas with affiliates who may not work in quantitative social science, but bring a different and unique perspective that will be mutually beneficial.