Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

Ulrike Egerer

Ulrike will work with John Cassano and Matt Shupe on analyzing turbulent energy fluxes in the Arctic cloudy atmospheric boundary layer (ABL). Turbulent fluxes constitute a major part of the atmospheric energy budget and influence the surface heat balance by distributing energy vertically in the atmosphere. However, only few in-situ measurements exist of the vertical profile of turbulent fluxes in the Arctic ABL, especially under cloudy conditions. The project is based on measurements with an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) during the field campaign MOSAiC in the central Arctic ocean during the sea-ice melt season 2020. First, a suitable method will be elaborated to derive turbulent fluxes from the UAV turbulence measurements. Second, the resulting vertical profiles of turbulent fluxes will be analyzed concerning different ABL and sea-ice conditions, including the influence of atmospheric stability, stratification, clouds, leads, and melt ponds. This study will help to advance our understanding of how the turbulent fluxes influence the surface energy budget and interact with the melting sea ice.


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