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Tasha Snow

Tasha’s research interests include high latitude ocean, cryosphere, and climate change. Her PhD research focuses on satellite remote sensing of ice sheets and ice sheet-ocean interactions. Tasha is a veteran of the US Navy.

Patrick Sheridan

Dr. Sheridan’s primary responsibility is to oversee the operation and data flow of the NOAA ESRL Global Federated Aerosol Network. The goals of this surface aerosol monitoring program are to characterize means, variability, and trends of climate-forcing properties of different types of aerosols, and to understand the factors that control these properties.

Manoj Nair

Manoj is part of the NOAA GEOMAG team. His research interests include electromagnetic induction in Earth and oceans by external magnetic sources, electric and magnetic signals generated by the motion of sea water, equatorial ionospheric currents and fields, crowdsourcing Earth's magnetic data and analysis of ground and satellite magnetic data.

Juliana Dias

Juliana is part of the NOAA Atmosphere-Ocean Process Team. Her research interests include tropical variability and climate dynamics, simple models and observations of tropical waves, clouds and convection, and geophysical fluid dynamics.

Kyren Bogolub

Kyren is originally from Chicago IL. She has a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Montana. Here in Boulder, Kyren studies how plate tectonics shape the landscapes in the western US. She loves doing research and learning new things, but her true passion is teaching and sharing science with other people. Kyren also love dogs, skiing, and food.

CLEAN-NGSS Harmonics Project

The heart of the Harmonics project is the creation of three exemplary units that incorporate CLEAN resources with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGGSS). A "Get Started with CLEAN" guide", lesson template planner, and supporting instructional resources are also being developed to enhance the benefits and implementation of CLEAN in teaching climate and energy education.




Climate Education & Resiliency for Denver Public Schools

Teachers from Denver Public schools are participating in Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) storylining workshops to co-design middle and high school climate education units and a resiliency design challenge to engage students' understanding and action related to human impacts on climate change. This project is a partnership between CIRES Education Outreach and the CU School of Education and is funded by a Faculty Outreach Award from the Office for Outreach and Engagement.




CIRES 2017 Rendezvous

The CIRES Education and Outreach staff will attend the annual CIRES Rendezvous.

The CIRES Rendezvous is a celebration of CIRES science for CIRES employees. It is not open to the public.