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Emily Ward

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  • Shortlidge EE; Jolley A; Shaulskiy S; Geraghty Ward E; Lorentz CN; O'Connell K. (Dec 2021). A resource for understanding and evaluating outcomes of undergraduate field experiences. Ecology and Evolution , 11(23), 16387-16408. 10.1002/ece3.8241
  • Ward EG; OConnell KB; Race A; Alwin A; Alwin A; Cortijo?Robles K; Esparza D; Jolley A; McDevitt A; Patel M. (Oct 2021). Affective Learning Outcomes in the Field: A Review of the 2021 Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network Meeting. , 102(4). 10.1002/bes2.1920
  • Ward EG; Dalbotten D; Watts NB; Berthelote A. (Aug 2018). Using place-based, community-inspired research to broaden participation in the geosciences. GSA Today , 26-27. 10.1130/gsatg366gw.1
  • Semken S; Ward EG; Moosavi S; Chinn PWU. (Nov 2017). Place-Based Education in Geoscience: Theory, Research, Practice, and Assessment. Journal of Geoscience Education , 65(4), 542-562. 10.5408/17-276.1
  • Ward EMG; Semken S; Libarkin JC. (Feb 2014). The Design of Place-Based, Culturally Informed Geoscience Assessment. Journal of Geoscience Education , 62(1), 86-103. 10.5408/12-414.1
  • Momsen JL; Clark SK; Doherty JH; Haudek KC; Schramm JW; Ward EMG. (May 2012). Lost in translation: quantifying the overlap of popular media and non-majors science course assessment vocabulary. Ecosphere , 3(5), art43-art43. 10.1890/es11-00311.1
  • Libarkin JC; Ward EMG; Anderson SW; Kortemeyer G; Raeburn SP. (Aug 2011). Revisiting the Geoscience Concept Inventory: A call to the community. GSA Today , 21(8), 26-28. 10.1130/g110gw.1
  • Watkinson AJ; Ward EMG. (Aug 2006). Reactivation of pressure-solution seams by a strike-slip fault-sequential, dilational jog formation and fluid flow. American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Bulletin , 90(8), 1187-1200. 10.1306/03060604088