Michaela Perez


Mentor: Emily Beam

Bio: Michaela grew up in Boulder, and has seen a lot of changes on the front range in a short time. She took the meandering road to college after a 16 year break and spent time running her own housecleaning business, working as a master cannabis grower for 8 years, fire mitigation, land management, as a caregiver for people with developmental disabilities, for nonprofits and more. Growing up, school was very challenging due to an undiagnosed learning disability, but with support from TRIO, mentors, scholarships and tutors she has been nominated as a 2024 Colorado All-Academic Team member and is succeeding in college by going part-time. Learning about the near extinction that Mexican gray wolves face, and the conservation efforts in place inspired her to return to school to best support conservation, biodiversity, and ecosystem rehabilitation. 

Michaela is finishing all core credits at Front Range Community College, then transferring to Colorado State University to pursue a degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Outside of school, Michaela volunteers at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation, practices Balasaraswati lineage Bharatanatyam, gardens, plays guitar, and enjoys traveling.


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