Noah Mendez


Mentors: Nicholas Dragone and Noah Fierer

Bio: Noah Mendez is a Colorado native who recently acquired both an Associate of Science and an Associate of Art from Red Rocks Community College. The next part of their journey will take place at CU Denver where they hope to acquire a Bachelor of Biology to ultimately work in either research or education. His interest in biology was piqued after taking a class in high school but wasn’t explored until arriving at RRCC. While at RRCC, they took a Gen I Biology course in the Spring of 2023, and then a microbiology course in the Fall of 2023 which cemented their interest in biological sciences. This interest has led him to become a lab assistant at RRCC for the biology department, working closely with the lab material and assisting students through the lab portion of their courses. In addition to his interest in science, Noah has a background in art through which they function as jack-of-all-trades. In his well-rounded studies, he has found that his art background allows for creative solutions in the lab and classes, while his scientific studies elevate his artistic expression. He hopes to continue using both to bring his creative point of view to his scientific studies and an organic lens to his art.


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