Rylee Baca


Project Title: An Inspection of Rangeland Plant Productivity Based on Seasonal Dry Spells And Grazing

Mentors: Thomas Merchant, Katie Suding

Bio: Rylee is a Southern Colorado resident, and early high school graduate and valedictorian from Hope Online Learning Academy. He has been dual enrolled in local community college classes since junior year, and is transferring to Southern Oregon University for a masters degree in biology with an emphasis on environmental science. He is interested in pursuing some sort of conservation work with lots of time on the field. He is very excited to be joining RECCS, as it is exactly the type of experience he has been craving to get. 

He is also passionate about the arts, and has been involved in local artistic endeavors in his hometown of Trinidad. When not engaged in the arts or study, he enjoys playing with his cat, Tokyo Drift, playing video games, catching frogs or bugs, and collecting cool bones in the woods.

View Rylee's elevator speech and oral presentation

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