Are Other Parts of the World Getting Hotter?

In this lesson, students investigate whether other parts of the world are changing and getting hotter just like Colorado.

Context for Use

This is the fourth lesson in the Climate Resiliency Education Middle School Climate Unit.

A surface temperature anomaly or trend map by NASA.

A surface temperature anomaly or trend map. Photo source: NASA. 

Goals Header
What Students Will Do

Students will better understand the concept of albedo and climate change globally. 

Teaching Materials

Climate Resiliency MS4 - Teacher Guide
Climate Resiliency MS4 - Student Activity Sheet Key
Climate Resiliency MS4 - Slides


  1. (10 minutes) Consensus Building Discussion: Reorient students in the story line. 
  2. (10 minutes) Data analysis: Albedo around the world
  3. (10 minutes) Data analysis: Temperature in other parts of the US
  4. (20 minutes) Data analysis: Temperature in other parts around the world
  5. (15 minutes) Draw and explain: Create a model of what we know so far.
  6. (10 minutes) Reflection and brainstorm: Debrief and generate ideas for the next steps in the investigation. 
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