Envisioning a Resilient Future

In this lesson, students create a vision for the future of their community and identify what resources are most important to them as a starting point for resilience planning.

Context for Use

We suggest teaching this lesson to introduce the HEART Force Unit. 

Colorado Resiliency Plan

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Goals Header
What Students Will Do

  • Students will create a vision for the future of their community. 

  • Students will understand the different sectors that make a community function and decide what resources are important to maintain and create.


Teaching Materials

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In this lesson, students create a vision for the future of their community. Using the structure from the Colorado Resiliency Framework, students choose a sector to focus on and create a giant timeline to show ideas of what the future of the sector will look like. 

Activity 1 – Engage (10 minutes) What will learning look like in the future?

Individually, students do a short free write imagining what the future of school looks like.

Activity 2 – Explore (30 minutes) What does your ideal future look like?

Students will divide into groups of four to six people to represent different sectors of society, and create a vision for the future of the sector. All groups will contribute to a class timeline.

Activity 3 – Explain (10 minutes) Resilience and the Future Reflection 

Students will reflect on the importance of resilience for preserving our future.

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