Geomagnetism Challenge

Individuals and classrooms are invited to join the GeoMag Data Challenge! This series of lessons, videos, and webinars are designed for middle and high school students through adult enthusiasts. Learn about topics including Earth's magnetic field, space weather, and solar cycles. 


Context for Use

Individuals and classrooms are invited to join the GeoMag Data Challenge! Explore the power of community/citizen science, Earth's magnetic field, space weather, and data collection with us this spring with a series of lessons, videos, and webinars designed for middle and high school students. Your data contributions will help scientists understand changes in Earth's magnetic field that will lead to improvements in navigation and help to protect our communication systems and electric grid from space weather.

For Spring 2023's GeoMagnetism Challenge, use the Data Challenge Passport to explore the CrowdMag app and contribute important data to this community/citizen science project. Those who participate in the GeoMag Data Challenge and fill out the Spring 2023 GeoMagnetism Challenge Raffle Form will be entered in a raffle to win a gift card and NOAA Swag! Raffle winners will be drawn on May 31st.

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Recorded Webinars

Space Weather: Storms from the Sun

Shawn Dahl is a space weather forecaster. He will explain space weather and how it can be predicted. 

McMurdo Speaker Series: Antarctica, Space & Lasers (Oh my!) Intro to Space Weather (CIRES E&O Webinar Link)

Join McMurdo scientist, Arunima Prakash, LIVE from McMurdo, Antarctica for a 10-15 minute lesson on an Introduction to space weather followed by a Q&A. Connect live with your classroom on camera and ask your questions directly to Arunima and her colleagues. We have some amazing photos of the aurora and space at night. Come be inspired by Arunima to dive deeper into space and answer the following questions: What is space weather and how does it impact us? How do we study space weather? Why are we interested in space weather? 

GeoMag Challenge Kick-Off (YouTube Link)

We kicked off this data blitz with a live webinar! Learn about Earth's magnetic field and why it's vital for life on Earth, students asked questions directly to challenge facilitators and met the team. In the live event, we taught viewers to collect data on the intensity of Earth's magnetic field using only their phones and the CrowdMag app.

Geomagnetism with CrowdMag (CIRES E&O Webinar Link

Dr. Rick Saltus and Dr. Neesha Schnepf presented their recent research in geomagnetism and talk about their crowd-sourcing app: CrowdMag

Teaching Materials

Geomagnetism: Earth's Magnetic Field Slides
Geomagnetism: Earth’s Magnetic Field Teacher Guide
Geomagnetism: Earth's Magnetic Field Student Worksheet
Undergraduate Lab Activity: Analyzing Geomagnetism using the CrowdMag App


What is CrowdMag

With the free CrowdMag mobile App, phones worldwide can send magnetometer data to a team of researchers at CIRES. That data is then quality-checked and shared with the public as maps and charts. Our goals are:

  1. Build, grow, and foster a worldwide community of community/citizen scientists and enthusiasts collecting magnetic field data and sharing it to further our understanding of the Earth’s magnetic field.
  2. Develop magnetic models and maps using the data shared by CrowdMag users in combination with data collected by ships, aircraft, and satellites, to fill in the gaps in the professional mapping of Earth’s magnetic field.

Use your GPS-enabled device to contribute to scientific research! Install the CrowdMag app on your GPS-enabled smartphone or device and share your magnetic data with scientists. You can also view the maps and graphs shared by other community/citizen scientists.

Using CrowdMag Tutorial

CrowdMag for Apple Devices

CrowdMag for Google Devices

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