HEART Force Curriculum Overview

The HEART Force curriculum builds understanding of wildfire, flood, or drought in the context of place-based community resilience.

Context for Use

This unit consists of several lessons and can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to teach, depending on which lesson teacher choose to incorporate.



Goals Header
What Students Will Do

Students will understand the science behind the risks and vulnerability their community has to natural hazards (wildfire, flood or drought), and be empowered to take action to increase their community's resilience to these hazards. 


User note: To make an editable copy of the teaching materials in Google Drive, select File > “Make a copy”. This will make a copy for you to save to your own drive and edit as you see fit.

HEART Force Roadmap
HEART Force Curriculum Materials (Google Drive folder)


The Google Drive folder linked above in Materials contains all lesson materials for HEART Force curriculum. 


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