McMurdo Speaker Series: Antarctica, Space & Lasers (Oh my!) Intro to the Upper Atmosphere

Join CIRES scientist, Yingfei Chen, from McMurdo Station in Antarctica! Learn about the layers of the atmosphere, why we study the atmosphere, and how we study the atmosphere through powerful graphics and meaningful questions from classrooms around the country. 

This video is a recording of a live stream from McMurdo, Antarctica and is presented in partnership with Exploring by the Seat of your Pants

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About the Presenter

Yingfei Chen is a Ph.D. student in Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder who works with Dr. Xinzhao Chu. His research uses lidar technologies to observe the middle and upper atmosphere from Boulder, Colorado, with a focus on thermosphere-ionosphere Na (TINa) layers. He and Dr. Chu worked together and made the first discovery of the regular occurrence of TINa layers in the world. His work earned him second authorship in a Geophysical Research Letters paper published during the first year of his Ph.D. program, and he will soon be submitting another paper to the Geophysical Research Letters as first author. 

Resources for you and your students

Classroom Activities for all ages on Layers of the Atmosphere by UCAR Center for Science Education 

  • Blue Skies and Red Sunsets: See how wavelengths of light scatter to make the sky blue in the day and colorful at sunset.

  • Bubbles on Bottles: Do an experiment to learn why warm air rises and cool air sinks. This activity requires hot water and adult supervision.

  • Balloon on a Bottle: Learn how temperature makes warm air expand and cool air contract. This activity requires hot water and adult supervision.

  • Weather Front Model Activity: Make a model of a storm front!

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