Usable Science

Lisa Dilling, Director of Western Water Assessment, gave a public talk on usable science, followed by a panel discussion featuring CU Boulder researchers Jeff Deems, Arnaud Chulliat, and Lise St. Denis, whose science has been used beyond the university. The talk and panel discussion explored different pathways to usable science, looked at practical considerations and pitfalls, and learned from some of the researchers who have made usable science a major part of their careers.

The Engaged Scientist series was coordinated by CU's new Albert A. Bartlett Center for Science Communication, CIRES Education and Outreach, INSTAAR, and Learn More About Climate at the Office for Outreach and Engagement.

Context for Use

This workshop was part of the Engaged Scientist Series. Although the workshop has concluded, resources are available below.

Goals Header

The goals of this workshop were to: 

  • Understand what it means to make research more usable
  • Challenge our mental models
  • Learn that there are many pathways to making research usable 
  • Go over ten steps for making your research usable 

Teaching Materials

Engaged Scientist Series: Usable Science Workshop Presentation
Engaged Scientist Series: Usable Science Research Guide
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