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Adam Ahern

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  • Sinha, A. S. Rawad, E.S. Robinson, A. T. Ahern, D.S. Tkacik, A.A. Presto, R.C. Sullivan, A.L. Robinson, N.M. Donahue (2018), Mass accommodation coefficients of fresh and aged biomass-burning emissions. Aerosol Sci. Technol. Version: 1 52 (3) 300-309, doi: 10.1080/02786826.2017.1413488
  • Tkacik, DS, ES Robinson, A Ahern, R Saleh, C Stockwell, P Veres, IJ Simpson, S Meinardi, DR Blake, RJ Yokelson, AA Presto, RC Sullivan, NM Donahue and AL Robinson (2017), A dual-chamber method for quantifying the effects of atmospheric perturbations on secondary organic aerosol formation from biomass burning emissions. J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. Version: 1 122 (11) 6043-6058, issn: 2169-897X, ids: EY6YW, doi: 10.1002/2016JD025784