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Shane Grigsby

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  • Moussavi, MS, W Abdalati, A Pope, T Scambos, M Tedesco, M MacFerrin and S Grigsby. (Sep 2016). Derivation and validation of supraglacial lake volumes on the Greenland Ice Sheet from high-resolution satellite imagery. REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT , 183. 10.1016/j.rse.2016.05.024
  • Colgan, W, H Rajaram, W Abdalati, C McCutchan, R Mottram, MS Moussavi and S Grigsby. (Mar 2016). Glacier crevasses: Observations, models, and mass balance implications. REVIEWS OF GEOPHYSICS , 54(1). 10.1002/2015RG000504
  • Pope, A, TA Scambos, M Moussavi, M Tedesco, M Willis, D Shean and S Grigsby. (Jan 2016). Estimating supraglacial lake depth in West Greenland using Landsat 8 and comparison with other multispectral methods. CRYOSPHERE , 10(1). 10.5194/tcd-9-3257-2015
  • Grigsby, SP, GC Hulley, DA Roberts, C Scheele, SL Ustin and MM Alsina. (Sep 2015). Improved surface temperature estimates with MASTER/AVIRIS sensor fusion. REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT , 167. 10.1016/j.rse.2015.05.019