Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder


Full Name Email Department Full Profile
Yan Wang PSD
Xingji Wang ADMIN
Jun Wang SWPC
Jih-Wang Wang PSD
Houjun Wang SWPC Houjun Wang
Hongli Wang GSD
Hongda Wang SHEEHAN
Carsten Warneke CSD
Daniel Warren ADMIN Daniel Warren
Leah Wasser Leah.Wasser@Colorado.EDU Earth Lab
Claire Waugh
Jeremy Webb NSIDC
Katherine Weeman ADMIN
Elizabeth Wehe GSD
Ho-Hsuan Wei Karnauskas Ho-Hsuan Wei
Ann Weickmann CSD
Elizabeth Weight PSD
Robert Weingruber GSD
Michala Whitmore ADMIN
Christine Wiedinmyer ADMIN Christine Wiedinmyer
Hannah Wilcox NSIDC
Daniel Wilkinson NCEI
Troy Williams NSIDC
Dawn Williams Dawn Williams
Christina Williamson CSD
Michael Willis Geological Sciences Michael Willis
Charles Wilson GMD
Ann Windnagel NSIDC
Wayne Winkler Francis.Winkler@Colorado.EDU ADMIN Wayne Winkler
Lineke Woelders WWA
Mary Woloszyn PSD
Caroline Womack CSD Caroline Womack
Clay Woods
Adam Woods NCEI Adam Woods
Elizabeth Woolner
Rochelle Worsnop PSD
Lindsey Wright NCEI
Vincent Wroble
Pamela Wyatt NCEI
Kensy Xiong GMD
Takanobu Yamaguchi CSD
Dongdong Yang COPLEY Dongdong Yang
Jefferson Yarce Jefferson.Yarce@Colorado.EDU Geological Sciences Jefferson Yarce
Heather Yocum Earth Lab Heather Yocum
Ryuji Yoshida CSD Ryuji Yoshida
Doug Young NSIDC
Yonggang Yu GSD
Wei Yu GSD
Valery Yudin SWPC Valery Yudin
David Zakavec ADMIN David Zakavec
Georgianna Zelenak NCEI
Erika Zetterlund NCEI
Tao Zhang PSD
Melody Zhang SHEEHAN Melody Zhang
Man Zhang GSD Man Zhang
Li Zhang GSD
Mikhail Zhizhin NCEI
Chunhua Zhou GSD
Suneng Zhuo GSD
Paul Ziemann Jimenez Paul Ziemann
Michael Zucker CSD
Mistia Zuckerman ADMIN Mistia Zuckerman