Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

April CMC Meeting

Monday April 9 2018 @ 12:00 pm
to 2:00 pm





12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Event Type

Closed to Public

  • CIRES employees
  • Host


    Mimi Hughes, CMC chair (PSL)

    Mistia Zuckerman, secretary (NSIDC)

    Antonietta Capotondi (PSL)

    Nate Campbell (CIRES Admin)

    Alessandro Franchin (CSL)

    Carrie Morrill (NCEI)

    Kathleen Lantz (GML)

    Mike Toy (GSL)

    Eric Adamson (SWPC)

    And guest Gabriela Adler (CSL)

    12:07pm - The meeting was called to order.

    CIRES Rendezvous

    Because of the Rendezvous, there will not be a CMC meeting in May.  Nate explained that there will be a list for CMC sign-ups coming out soon.  Nate will send out a link making sure people sign up. Poster setup is 10-11:30 and will be followed by lunch.  There used to be a Question and Answer time with the director at the Rendezvous but that was removed because of the rotating town halls.  We could ask to have a town hall with Waleed, Christine, and Heather at the Rendezvous.

    Reporting Vacation time

    Discussion regarding reporting vacation time for CIRES employees.  For all of CIRES, employee vacation time will be moving to My Leave at MyCUInfo rather than doing it through InsideCIRES.  There will be no reminders if you forget to do your timesheet.

    J1/J2 visa - work permit issue

    Alessandro gave an overview of the J1/J2 visa work permit issue.  We need to make CIRES Administration aware of this issue. Is CIRES HR willing to prioritize these?  It is basically asking them to do a favor. “Agree to process the early application”

    Insert language from Alessandro’s document.  Idea – a little cover letter with a box asking if the employees has a spouse with this issue.  Mimi suggested that the next step is to take this to Heather.


    Motion: Mimi and Kathy will bring the work permit visa issue to Heather when they meet with her later this month.  


    Motion approved unanimously.  

    CMC Schedule

    Mimi discussed the CMC meeting schedule.  There will not be a meeting in May. When we tour in the summer, we can have afternoon meetings around 2pm with cookies and coffee.  June will be at DSRC. July will be at East Campus. Mimi will send out suggested dates. Mimi will not be chair after September. New roles will start in October.   Kathy suggested starter questions to get people going.


    Nate discussed prospective members from administration and finance.  


    Discussion ensued regarding how CIRES employees are feeling in different parts of CIRES.  There is a sense that women are leaving CSL.

    Executive and Fellows Meetings

    There was no executive meeting this month.