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C-SEF Zoom Social: Corey S. Lesk, Dartmouth College

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Mitigation and adaptation emissions embedded in the broader climate transition​ 
Corey Lesk, Research Associate, Climate Modeling & Impacts Group, Dartmouth College

The broader climate transition will involve massive deployment of renewable energy and adaptations like enhanced space cooling and coastal protection and retreat. These interventions require energy and materials, resulting in CO2 emissions. But the magnitude of these emissions remains unconstrained, opening the potential for under-accounting of future emissions and conflicts or synergies between mitigation and adaptation goals. I’ll show that these embedded transition emissions are likely considerable, reaching 185GtCO2 under a pathway consistent with current policies (2.7 °C warming by 2100). But there is good news: embedded transition emissions can be minimized by a faster transition to clean energy. 

This is part of a regular C-SEF Zoom Social series, to build community and brainstorm research ideas. All are welcome.


Thursday, February 9, 2023
12:00 pm



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