Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

CIRES Members Council Meeting June


  • Mistia Zuckerman, CMC chair (NSIDC)
  • Jonathan Kofler, CMC Secretary (GML)
  • Alessandro Franchin (CSL)
  • Candida Dewes (PSL)
  • Joseph Katich (CSL)
  • Aaron Sweeney (NCEI)
  • Eric James (GSL)
  • Antonietta Capotondi (PSL)
  • Lucia Harop (ESRL)
  • Michael Toy (GSL)
  • Amanda Morton (Outreach)
  • Adam Woods (NCEI)
  • Eric Adamson (SWPC)

Rayback Collective

Start meeting time 1218 (casually, mistia rayback too loud), discuss where to meet next 

Report from membership chair:

Eric James.  July last year there was some resistance from CIRES to pay for lunch at the CMC meetings.  Nate came up with plan for CIRES to compensate us for our lunches as an additional payment.  We would need to demonstrate that people were on the CMC for a year.  It is challenging to keep track of.  He with Nate found out that there is more flexibility than thought.  Now, the first payment will show up in our July 2019 paycheck.  Moving forward, Eric and Mistia will provide a list to HR.  After July, on a rolling basis, we keep track of who is on the CMC and they will get payment for their year at the one year point.  Lucia:  It used to be everyone's lunch was paid for, but now non members lunches are not covered.  Lucia: Now, the stipend is decoupled from lunch.  Mistia: would like to schedule meetings to be one and a half hour long.   Send out a doodle poll ?  Mistia: would like move the next meeting to the July 8th.  Mistia will take care of the doodle poll.

New Business:

1. Aaron Sweeney: someone in his cluster raised the issue of who is listed as PI on CIRES proposals.  Whenever they work on a proposal and they get a reward, their name does not go on the award and Waleed’s name goes on instead.  Lucia: Waleed needs to be listed on the proposal.  Ultimately Waleed signs off it because of the requirements of the office of contracts and grants.  Lucia:  If you write a grant, you are the PI.  Clarify with Gretchen Richards.  Ale: Have individual from NCEI send us an email detailing complaint/concern. 

2. Aaron Sweeney.  Is there documentation or a webpage capturing CMC success stories, its accomplishments, and justifying why we exist?  Lucia. There was a CMC website that kept track of those details, but when the CIRES website was updated, that list was lost.  Posting minutes and agendas could be seen as a way it is now documented.  CMC is responsible for the Rendezvous every year and deciding on Outstanding Performance Awards, and now creating a mentoring program to mention a few items.  CMC played a role in pushing for career track in the early years.  Lucia: They didn’t write it, but they raised the issue and campaigned for it.  Ale: distilled version of what CMC does would be helpful.  Someone suggested contacting Nate Campbell about recovering the old website info.

3. Mistia: Difference between Post-Doc RS1 to RS2 and need for consistency.  At NSIDC if you want go from a PhD / post-doc to an RS1, Waleed expects that person to have written a grant to pay his own salary.  Lucia: HR will be revamping career track.  If you are hired as a post doc, you can go directly to RS2.  A post-doc on campus is handled much different than at NOAA. Mistia and Ale will ask Christine an update about career track revamping

Lucia: Angela Knight was hired as the new HR director.  She was hired after serving an 8 year stint at the CU Law School.

CIRES Rendezvous follow up:  

Ale:  Ale was approached by a person at the Rendezvous who recommended some things.  Friday Rendezvous might encourage people to leave early.  Would it make sense to have it on another day of the week?   Lucia.  What about doing the Rendezvous in the morning and capping it off with lunch.   There is a timing issue of hosting a poster and visiting other posters when you have a poster.  Ale: Could there be 2 poster sessions?   Have choice of time? Or have it assigned.  We did not have follow up survey this year because in past years responses in prior years were repetitive.  Discussion: What is the purpose of the Rendezvous: socializing.  Find out what others are doing.  Enhance exchange.  It helps unify and provide identity of CIRES.  Really good for socializing. Lucia: wants the picnic back as a way to bring socializing and a sense of unity back to CIRES Action item:  Amanda Morton will draft a letter to Waleed to encourage him to bring back the picnic.  Eric James can also help with context since he went to a few picnics.  Mistia will talk Linda about it too.

Lucia: getting Waleed to get engaged with membership in large groups is important.  Admin ice cream social at DSRC to increase the positive interaction.

Error in the Bylaws:

Mistia: Bylaws.  Article 7 is missing.  Does Mimi have a box of historical CMC notes.  Aaron:  The charter is mentioned in the bylaws, but who knows what it is?  

Mistia:  CIRES administration senior management team consists of finance director, science director, IT director.  It is awkward having Nate be a person we report to while he is also on the CMC.  There is nothing in the bylaws about not having the CIRES admin team be on the CMC.  Aaron: can he vote?  We could enact that a management team person cannot become a CMC member.  The senior management team was formed after Nate was already on the CMC.   Joe: if there is an obvious conflict it should be addressed.  Dawn: when we talk to Nate, he can complete his current membership.  Change the bylaws.

OPA: OPA chair made a bunch of notes and will bring it up at the next meeting.

End meeting time  1:23pm


Monday, June 10, 2019
12:00 pm


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