Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

CMC Meeting Mar. 14, 2016

CMC Meeting, March 14, 2016

The Taj Restaurant


In attendance:  Christina Holt, Chance Sterling, Amanda Morton, Rick Tisinai, Allen Pope, Craig Hartsough, Nate Campbell, Lucia Harrop, Carrie Morrill, Carrie Wall (prospective new CMC member), Antoniette Capotonoli (new from PSL!), Anne Perring


(Quorum was met – 12 out of 18 members)


• 12:00 noon – the group got food


Called to order at 12:26pm


CIRES Review – April 19-21st. Lucia said this is the first time a review has ever been held in advance of the new contract. Posters are needed by the 19th.


Kristen wants 10 CMC members to attend the Review at the reception on the evening of April 19th. Christina suggested having the reps meet and get their information organized. Lucia suggested that we give Kristen the list of reps, and see how that goes. Lucia said there will be no tech needs, other than presentations with the screens and slides. It will be closed to the public. Christina made a list of prospective CMC representative attendees.


News flash: the meeting may be rescheduled!


Directors’ Award – none will happen this year since the criteria still has not been well-defined.


OPA update from Christina – Chris Clack reported that the first set of deadlines have been achieved, and there are 10 nominations, some of them groups. Nate said that the notification of the committee to see the nominations. Outside judges have not been selected, but a list is being made.


OPA by-laws suggestion: the names of the committee should be secret? How protected?


Nate did not reveal the names of the OPA committee. Chris will meet with the next chairperson on the updates. The box of old OPA notes and ideas was delivered to Chris for review. The goal is to update all the possible conflicts and rules.


CIRES Directors request for Rendezvous poster submissions – Rick: no quotas, just what will represent the science. Up to now, it looks like around 108 posters. Nate noted that those that don’t have insideCIRES web access, just contact CIRES IT. The CIRES Fellows have been getting their grad students to submit posters.



Rick: is this a new trend for which CMC and/or CIRES IT is not prepared?


Lucia and Rick: how do we navigate this poster submission without the Division directors input?


Allen – the Science Advisor could give approval for a poster for that Division.


Group discussion: Can the Directors have any input on the vetting/approval process? What do they do to handle this if anything?


Anne suggested that the CMC, when there is an overflow of posters, get back to the Directors?


Christina – what about having the CU and NOAA Labs oversee this submission?


Allen – what if a scientist had an Outreach poster? Christina - does that imply a submission to be reviewed by the corresponding Director? Also category for the web submission.


It was determined that these (and other questions) will be considered by the OPA committee after the 2016 Rendezvous.




• OPA – already discussed.


• Rendezvous Committee: no big updates at this point. There will be a touch base meeting at the end of March.


By-Laws Committee – Rick handed out a document that highlighted the proposed changes. Christina asked if a deadline might be included in the By-Laws for the CMC meeting announcement? Nate described the possibility of having a publicly-facing web page that would have announcements, including the CMC Meeting.


• A web liason needs to be included in the By-Laws as an elected position.

• Rendezvous committee can be defined in the “Committees” section of the By-Laws.

• Committee chairs will have web page access for their committees, to be overseen by the web liason.

• Chance – the Membership Chair position can oversee the content for the CMC public page. Lucia is currently the web liason.


A vote was proposed by Rick and seconded by Chance:

Shall the CMC have a public facing page that does not require a login?

(Christina asked if our faces and profiles could be included? Nate said yes.)

It was unanimously voted Yes

New prospective members – Carrie WallBell (NCEI)and Antonietta Capotonoli (PSL)! Chance has asked them to attend as guests, then will meet with them and if they want to join. If they are interested, he will meet with them to explain their role as a member of the CMC.

There was no Executive Committee meeting in February or March.


Monday, March 14, 2016
12:00 pm


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