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CMC Meeting Nov. 9, 2015

Monday November 9 2015 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Meeting Nov. 9th, 2015

    The Egg & I Restaurant.


    In attendance:  Christina Holt, Allen Pope, Amanda Morton, Robin Strelow, Lucia Harrop, Mimi Hughes, Craig Hartsough, Michelle Cash, Carrie Morrill, Kathy Lantz, Anne Perring, Rick Tisinai, Chris Clack.


    (There was a delay getting into the room due to an E&I scheduling mixup)


    Called to order at 12:21pm


    • Announcements - Director’s Town Hall meeting at DSRC on Nov. 16th


    Plans for future meetings: where?


    OPA questions of timing of the dates of the meetings and CMC privacy from guests discussed between Chris, Anne, and Lucia.


    Vote taken: The CMC will change to go to The Taj for big meetings!


    Christina: are brown bags OK? and the group said yes. Robin asked if the money currently available would cover the costs of food? It seems that it could be workable. Lucia noted that we got a late notice on the budget for the year, so we may run over. Max is $150 but more normally $120. We could ask for RSVP for the pizza meetings. Lucia also noted that the schedule is set to accommodate CMC work, not the CIRES budget concerns. We could also adjust by calling for brown bag meetings, our own cookies, etc.


    A reminder that it is difficult for CMC members and guests to get to the Skaggs building. Allen noted that we could use the University in a pinch.


    Alternative rooms at the University were discussed, moving the meeting day to other days, etc, were brought up by Robin. No definitive places or days were decided upon at this time.


    A CMC calendar of events would be useful (???) Christina will “host” the meeting as an event for the group via Google Calendar (?)


    Days of the week were discussed, where Wednesdays might be good. Lucia noted that Monday lunches were traditionally good for outside guests.


    OPA committee - more people needed!


    Robin declined since she has been on the committee for 2 years.


    Michelle will do it. Mimi will do it and Kathy will be a backup CMC member.


    Rick asked to have the job described by Chris. Chris did that!


    Anne noted that the outside people would be notified by the OPA web announcement and a later general announcement.




    Back at it at 1:09pm












    GSD over-representation: Christina put it out to the group to see if it is OK for GSL to have 3 reps for only 50 CIRES members. Chris said he would be leaving later in 2016, and Allen said it doesn’t seem to impinge upon the other Labs. Lucia: we can have the new Membership Chair to review the balance between Labs. Christina asked if the current situation would impact voting and Anne and others felt it would not.


    Lucia noted that she could ask Paula Robinson about the current, updated CIRES members numbers. Christina described that it would be better to focus on under-representation rather than a bit of over representation.


    CIRES PIs in PSL

    Anne noted that CSL has had a bit of a history with this where a scientist tried to get outside funding, with the provision that the person hired could not use NOAA facilities or equipment.

    Chris also described an awkward provision concerning where the person would “sit,” that is, at the University or in the NOAA building. Mimi said she has had 1/2 time NOAA/CIRES setup at PSL and splits her time between the two places. Kathy described the functionality problems between Fed and the University using a “sponsorship link” to one of the Fellows.


    Lucia a lot of “unspoken issues” where Waleed may have been negotiating concerns.


    Kathy suggested a committee within the Fellows to determine whose proposal would be interpreted.


    Anne mentioned that a Fed could sponsor a CIRES proposal.


    Mini said that the PSL process is not finished, and Lucia described that Waleed has been trying to work the opportunities for CIRES people in-between science decisions at NOAA versus the University.


    Kathy described a way to have the committee justify territory.


    Christina asked for the CMC to consider keeping tabs on this. Rick asked for the CMC to be informed about it. Chris and Lucia discussed the difference between pushing Waleed and Kristen for an outcome versus waiting for the outcome with PSL.


    Kathy and Chris described that CMC should be active even with a current individual who has an issue, that’s our job!


    Kathy described that going for funding from DOE via NOAA was much more cumbersome that going via CIRES.


    Amanda asked who are the Rendezvous members, and Rick will let her know who is on the committee.


    Kathy bought up the question Leave Policy from a member. Loss of vacation time at the end of the year? The CIRES scientist travels a lot in the field and cannot use the time! Lucia: CIRES time can be donated.


    Lucia said that there is a 352 hour cap for Leave which is not under CIRES control, it is a Colorado State rule. Hours cannot be bought back or sold.


    New Business


    Chris described the GSL Lab Review and had lunch with the review panel. He brought up the paper publishing conundrum and the promotion track. The preliminary judgment from the Panel is that GSL should provide more publishing opportunities for CIRES members.



    See the update slide on future meeting places below:

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