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CMC Meeting Oct. 21, 2015

CMC Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2015


CMC Meeting Budget Changes

Recent P-card audit has incited CIRES to reduce budget for food at CMC meetings to $1000 annually, which is approximately $86 per month. This is not enough to keep up the current system of hosting meetings at the Egg & I 12 times per year.


Three alternatives were proposed and can be iterated upon:

Reduce meetings to 8 per year. Already none in May for Rendezvous (RDV). Discontinue meetings in June, July, and August.
Hold meetings in the CIRES Fellows room and have it catered to some extent Won’t likely be well-attended by outside people traveling from DSRC.
Move meetings to each of the labs on a rotating basis. Catering to some extent maybe? Would encourage residents to attend more often, at least every three or so months. Potential security hassle.


As an aside to this discussion, Waleed has promised a Town Hall meeting for East Campus in the near future.


New Members

Two new representatives showed up today. Carrie Morrill to replace Barry and Craig Hartsough to replace Pallavi in GSL.



CIRES has published new guidelines for safety procedures for CIRES staff at DSRC after CMC recently brought up the problem.



A big thanks to Barry for his service in the recent years to CMC. You will be missed!


Voting procedures led to the filling of the offices in the following manner:


CMC Chairperson: Christina Holt
CMC Vice Chairperson: Anne
CMC Secretary: Rick Tisinai
RDV Chair: Amanda
OPA Chair: Chris Clack
Membership Chair: Chance
Fellows & Executive Committee Representatives

Chris Clack, Primary
Anne, Primary
Carrie Morrill, Alternative

Bi-Law Committee

Craig Hartsough
Rick Tisinai
Lucia Harrop

OPA Committee

None explicitly declared. Follow up with Michelle Cash by Stone. Maybe Robin?

CMC Web Site Liaison: Lucia Harrop
RDV Web Site Liaison:  Amy Steiker
Poster Submission Liaison: Allen Pope
Day-of Coordinator: Amanda will also handle



To clarify a few roles:

The Vice Chair is responsible for holding meetings in the Chair’s absence and helping out with the meetings when needed, meeting with Kristen Averyt monthly.
The Fellows & Exec Committee Reps attend 2 meetings per month. On the first Thursdays, the Executive Committee meeting where CMC has a seat and a voice. On the Second Thursdays, the Fellows meeting, where we take a listening only role. It’s kind of important to keep consistency as much as possible.
Bi-Laws to be considered are at minimum Lucia’s role/position in CMC, and Membership Chair Addition.



Bikes at NSIDC

The recent staff change in the message center at NSIDC resulted in a review of procedures for the CIRES bikes there. Inconsistent messages about whether waivers are required for everybody are floating around. Lucia will follow up with the issue.


After the recent service of the bikes, two bikes were swapped between NSIDC and NOAA.


Discussion concerning the addition of E-cycles station at NOAA reiterated that there is not enough usage of the bikes to really necessitate anything further. CIRES employees on campus have access to the Buff Bikes.


CIRES Training

Lucia sets up several trainings at NOAA throughout the year to provide information about CIRES procedures related to items such as promotion, ASA, supervisor roles, etc. She would like to have more CMC representation at these meetings so that we are more aware of the policies. She also would like to see such trainings added at the other centers outside NOAA.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015
12:00 pm


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