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CMC Minutes Aug. 11, 2014

Monday August 11 2014 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Meeting  08/11/2014


    Members present: Doug Fowler, Joe Olson, Gloria Hicks, Robin Strelow, Anne Perring, Rick Tisinai, Barry Eakins, Kiki Holl, David Stone

    Visitors:, Amanda Morton, Brandy McCarty


    Waleed Meeting: still trying to meet with Waleed to discuss the PI issue, Supervisor issues including the inequities of pay/promotion/etc.


    Bikes – seat & pole stolen from one of East Campus’s bikes.  Doug replaced it: $110.00.


    Meeting Venue: shall we meet here one more month? Yes, and then switch to Tree House at CMC.


    Rick message from Allison: Allison wants us to get salary information for all CIRES. But though the info is public, it’s not by individual person.  The point is to address inequities. CIRES admin doesn’t understand how NOAA determines salaries. Should CMC actually gather this info?  Might be beyond our mission.  In Barry’s division, they are looking at inequities in ratings.  The fed divisions might not feel that they have to reveal that.  (Brandy) – CIRES doesn’t have a method to compare jobs due to discrepancies between job descriptions and actual duties.  How does CIRES determine the differences of jobs / ratings / etc.  Perhaps the supervisor should determine how much people should make.  Anne’s group/division will have the pay scale per ratings (s1, s2, as1, as2, etc.).  These questions of definitions should be added to the list of topics for Waleed.  Amanda brought up the problem of students – are we paying them the same as other divisions.  NOAA has a lot of flexibility with CIRES monies.  Another problem is that supervisors do not notify people when they are eligible for a promotion/raise.  Employees have to do all of the work, including (sometimes) finding out when they are eligible for promotion.


    Every division in CIRES is totally different.  NOAA tells CIRES who to hire, who to fire, etc.  Manage to avoid hiring the CIRES people as federal employees.  Managers only allowed to give raises during the promotion process and the annual raise process.  Only person who has the complete picture is Paula. Feds don’t even know CIRES promotion process. 


    Rick wants to contact the division directors and let them know who / how many people work for them.  The CMC needs to do this.  Barry – brought this up with Waleed and he said that he would look into it.  For CIRES members we need to push these problems as hard as we can.