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CMC Minutes Aug. 8, 2016

Monday August 8 2016 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Meeting

    August 8, 2016


    In attendance: Christina Holt, Craig Hartsbaugh, Carrie Bell, Amanda Morton, Chance Sterling, Anne Perring, Rick Tisinai, Mimi Hughes, Carrie Morrill

    Lunch first!


    Meeting started at 12:14pm

    A quorum was met.


    Elections and CMC Replacements for the September and October Meetings

    Christina announced that she has accepted a job and will be leaving CIRES in two weeks. Anne might have a baby in that time, so Rick (secretary) will run the meeting. The concern is whether CMC would have enough in attendance to meet the quorum.

    Christina described the officers’ duties. Also, discussion for Rendezvous Chair.

    CMC web page edit was still not available to Christina, so she will contact Nate.

    Christina described the OPA box and its information. Anne had discussed talking to him, but there was no action taken. (Rick will get back the box)


    OPA Box Committee - setting up some internal By-Laws for that committee. The contacts will have some institutional memory for the OPA in there, so that is the targeted activity for the committee. Anne said that this should happen before December 2016. The committee is Carrie Bell, Amanda Morton. Anne will be departing.

    Mimi will volunteer for the OPA Box Committee.


    By-Laws Committee – Rick will finish and post the revised By-Laws on the Google Docs site for Craig to check.


    Meeting with Waleed – Innovative Research Proposals will include a CMC member who will not necessarily represent the whole input of CMC.

    Re-doing the CIRES Divisions: do we even need them? Perhaps the CIRES Review will force an answer to this question. The only impact has been Rendezvous posters which has been rather benign the past few years.

    ASA and supervisors’ evaluation: Waleed was not sure that this is ready. He welcomes a recommendation in writing from the CMC. Chance: a “360 review” is mandatory for GML, which is almost all CIRES! Rick: we need to see if this would impact Federal supervisors as well.

    Christine sent a document to CMC for comments on supervisor questionnaire. She requested more input from the CMC. We will send the document to Waleed and Kristen Averyt later this week.


    Rendezvous topics with Waleed: cutting the Q&A session. Waleed liked the collection of questions during the Rendezvous RSVP part. He promised that he would do more Town Hall meetings. NSIDC refused to see him at one point!

    The things for CMC to fix would be: more advanced notice, preparation from CMC Reps, attendance of CMC Reps, and just take more responsibility from CMC Reps.

    CMC needs to step it up for initiating and running Town Hall meetings!

    The idea that foreign members would be brought into the system as “a person of interest,” but that is resisted by the University.


    There were no reports for the Fellows or Executive Council meetings since they don’t meet in the summer.


    New business: Chance asked about why CIRES events have been on the “down slope of fun” since Waleed took over. There is the feeling that Waleed is cutting activities without clear reasons. Rick: funding has been cut, so Waleed feels the pressure to find things to cut. Waleed is still open to have CMC input.

     Anne: CMC bikes and helmets: Anne asked if the helmets are funded? Next agenda!

    Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm