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CMC Minutes Jan. 13, 2014

Monday January 13 2014 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Meeting  1/13/2014


    Members present: Doug Fowler, Joe Olson, David Stone, Robin Strelow, Deann Miller, Barry Eakins, Anne Perring, and Rick Tisinai


    Rendezvous – Robin will work with Lornay to get the program developed for the Rendezvous. They both appreciate Gloria volunteering to help, but think it will be easier this way since they work in the same building and both are familiar with the InDesign software.


    In December, Rick sent out an announcement for abstract submission. Another will go out in the next week or so.


    Awards Committee: Deann, Robin, Anne & Joe on committee.  The Committee met in January and everyone is acquainted with the process. Deann checked with Lornay/Waleed and the money for this year is the same as 2013.  Deann will send out an announcement this week.

    After this year’s Rendezvous, there need to be some rewording done on the Awards website.


    Supervisory  Committee – No comments/changes to the report, everyone thinks it looks very good. Robin will come up with a letterhead for a cover letter to accompany the report. Doug will send to Waleed via Lornay with an invitation to Waleed to discuss the report with Doug and committee member(s).


    Telecommuting – Doug will talk to Lornay to see if the no-telecommuting directive for CIRES admin office came from Koni or if each individual supervisor decides whether to allow it or not.

    It sounds as though Jon Rush may have started work on updating the telecommuting policy, Doug to find out.


    CMC Representation – Doug handed out an updated CMC Rep by division sheet. Still need to find out if the number of employees if accurate since this could affect the number of CMC reps.


    CMC Meeting Reminders – Doug sent out Microsoft Outlook invitations and those who use Outlook could accept and have the meeting added to their schedule.