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CMC Minutes June 9, 2014

Monday June 9 2014 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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Closed to Public

  • CIRES employees
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    CMC Meeting - 6/9/2014
    Members Present:

    ●Ben Livneh, Rick Tisinai, Kiki Holl, Barry Eakins, Anne Perring, David Stone


    ●Lucia Harrop


    Potential to move CMC meeting to Center for Community (C4C) on campus

    ●Lots of questions:

    ○How do you get a room or make reservations?

    ○Is it big enough?  Yes (Kiki)

    ○How do you pay?  Likely each on his own, but do you need special swipe cards

    ○$7-$8 per

    ○Kiki will look into getting some of these questions answered and will email the CMC.

    ○Rick and Anne will do recon if still remaining questions

    Rendezvous Feedback Collection

    (Recommendations for next year’s Rendezvous are highlighted in red, below…)

    ●Event timing:

    ○Inside room activity died down when alcohol was served

    ○Maybe still a little long, but not sure how to shorten

    ■Maybe we can streamline, by not reading all the names on the slides

    ■Maybe recognize anniversaries just by listing them, but maybe recognizing in some other, more timely fashion - as they seem to be almost a year later in the recognition.

    ■Perhaps shorten the time between lunch and the talk?

    ●People seemed ready for something else ¼ - ½ hour before the talk began.

    Let’s get Waleed primed and ready to start the talk a little earlier next time

    ■Maybe the rendezvous is so long or has so much, as it seems like the only cohesive thing that CIRES does together

    ●Rick confirmed that Waleed is aware of this issue...

    ●Staff :


    ●Day-before poster posting was a waste of time:

    ○Not well attended

    ○½ of all posters went up in last ½ hour

    ○Somebody really just needs to go early to ensure the place is prepared

    ●Use of computer

    ○Maybe have a poster showing poster locations, but the computer was likely a waste of resources.

    Lournay and Linda P. agree and will nix in future Rendezvous events.

    ●Certificates of recognition

    ○No one picked up any certificates from the table that was staffed

    ○Next year, let’s not even have the table and send out certificates prior to the rendezvous to help encourage paron

    ●General Feedback:

    ○Ran out of desserts early

    Let’s request more for next year

    ○Passed along feedback from Deann who said that Waleed didn’t recognize folks who weren’t present.

    Feedback for next year:  absentees should at least be listed in the presentation, but don’t have to be called by name

    ○Should we integrate more Science talk material?

    ■They used to do this in the past (Division heads speaking).

    ■Although there was agreement that we might have a bit of a science outreach issue at CIRES, all agreed that we should try to solve that at the Rendezvous

    ●Rick read through his list:

    ○Media attention at future events should be well written and accurate

    ■Katy H. recommended that we formalized announcements to media, prior.  She also recommended that we let scientists know that media will be there

    ■Maybe have Directors ID and summarize critical posters for media to see, prior to the event

    ○There was an OPA & Science & Service Awards write-ups issue, specifically with the wording of the announcements

    ■It seems they should better reflect the work that was done.

    ■There was an issue between the quality of the nominator’s write-up and the quality of the science being done.

    ■Maybe split future committees between service and science was hard to ensure that we had the right skills to rank science awards.

    ○Online issues:

    ■Web should be updated in Fall to show new personnel changes

    Lornay should notify Kiki using trouble tickets and she’ll make the updates.

    ■Can we streamline how submissions are made online:

    ●Maybe modify form submission process so that it easier to submit

    ●Kiki is fine with making any requested changes, just please put together a list of what you wish to be changed…

    ■Can online program have links to actual Abstract PDF’s?

    ●That’s really hard as it takes time to do the links and we often get the abstracts late.

    ○Final comments:

    ■Good location, time and event logistics

    ■122 posters and had room for maybe 8 more

    ■UMC renovations should be done in time for next event….

    Maybe we should book next year’s event now...