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CMC Minutes May 9, 2016

CMC Meeting

May 9th, 2016

CIRES  Fellows Room


In attendance: Christina Holt (GSL), Craig Hartsough (GSL), Lucia Harrop (PSL), Carrie Morrill (NCEI), Amanda Morton (Outreach), Robin Strelow (CIRES Comm), Linda Pendergrass (CIRES Main), Nathan Campbell (CIRES Main), Allen Pope (NSIDC), Chance Sterling (GML), Carrie Bell (NCEI)


Brown bag lunch - we ate first!


Christina: her meeting with Kristen Averyt


The reorg of Division Directors -  the main tasks that are required at this time that are being re-evaluated:

• Sponsor a Visiting Fellow, they have money available to them (that they don’t use –speak to Lucia)

• Approving Rendezvous abstracts

Christina asked should we let Kristen approve the poster abstracts?


PSD PI situation: NOAA Legal has approved that CIRES members can be PIs, but the details are not worked out.


Waleed has been meeting the NOAA directors on a monthly basis – does CMC have any input? He will be open to that.


CIRES website


Christina: the CMC pages – the levels pf privacy (public, CIRES only, CMC private) are still up for discussion/definition, and when we can start editing content?


Chance & Nate: currently, the site allows all CMC members to change content.

Nate: the CMC website – each CMC member can edit their own personal page. Restrictions will be in place for only a few CMC members on public page. The InsideCIRES pages will need to have a restricted page inside InsideCIRES, which is still in progress. Then finally, access to certain CIRES pages.


Eventually, Nate will have “single-sign-on” - upon one’s login, a set of allowed priviledges to edit certain sites will be already in place for one’s account.


Christina: we will send a list of people to Nate of whom may edit the appropriate pages.


Chance: what info will be CMC-only pages? The full CMC minutes?

Rick will load minutes; Christina will load agendas.

Researchers getting a CIRES profile – the scientist will need to request the page, CIRES IT will make the page, etc. Hope to have it done in the next 2 weeks.

By-Laws – nothing new, but it will be shared on the CIRES Google Drive account.

OPA committee – the announcement delay was still a problem with Waleed (they had been approved April 12th). There may be a change – Linda P will find a way to change the announcement process.

CMC T-Shirts for Rendezvous – Rick has them

Christina – name tags for the CMC staff: Linda has some already made!

Rendezvous:  Are we ready?

Linda P handed out the task list for everyone to sign up.

• Linda will send a completed Task list to Christina for CMC distribution.

• The program will be published online tomorrow (5/10/2016).

• Next year, is CIRES’ 50th Anniversary!

New Business – Rick: discussion of missing CMC members. It was determined that Chance would contact the entire CMC as a reminder, stating that it is a member’s responsibility to notify one of the officers that they cannot attend. Also, as part of the incoming member’s CMC welcome package, consistent attendance and participation in committees will be stressed.

Nate – info will be available for the Membership Chair, Secretary, and Chairperson

These attendance points will be added to the By-Laws.

There were no reports for the Fellows’ Meeting nor the Executive Committee


Monday, May 9, 2016
12:00 pm


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