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CMC Minutes Nov. 13, 2013

CMC Meeting 11/13/2013


Members present: Doug Fowler, Joe Olson, Kiki Holl, , Gloria Hicks, Robin Strelow, Anne Perring, Rick Tisinai, Deann Miller

Visitors: Patrick


BackCountry Pizza – need to decide on where or a different day.  Monday or Tuesday are available at BackCountry Pizza; other options: Old Chicago, BJ’s.  The members will research options and bring them to the next meeting (or


Doug will make a reservation for Mon., Dec 9th at BackCountry Pizza.  Doug will announce the change in advance.


Rendezvous – Rick met with Lornay & LInda.  They were able to set up the ballroom & the tent (larger than last year); we are allowed to have a cash bar at the poster session.  May 2, 2014 is the date.  Chronology – call for abstracts goes out in January.  Rick also talked to Katy Human, and he plans to use her office for communications about the Rendezvous. She will do a web announcement, etc.  Later this month, Rick will send out an announcement with the date & location. 


No late submissions this year.  Rendezvous committee members:  Rick, Anne, Gabi, Gloria.  Program: has been organized in Adobe in InDesign – can use the other programs as template. Gloria will do the program this year – she will investigate acquiring Adobe InDesign through CU.  Poster layout: in the past, was organized by divisions, but for 2014, we are going to organize by related science interests instead.


Awards Committee: Deann, Robin, Anne & Joe on committee.  Need 2 or 3 external members, and the Awards Committee members will recruit one each.  The committee would like to make the nominations more consistent, so it is easier to read & analyze them.  Perhaps develop a template.  Joe will ask Allison about the past process.  When does the announcement come out? Maybe around AGU.  Deann will check the timeline from last year. 


PI issue – Joe & Allison & others gave Waleed some talking points for his next meeting.  Robbie is leaving but that doesn’t solve the issue.  Dave Fahey will be taking his place.  Still not much progress.  Perhaps it is time for CMC to back away.  We have presented the problem to Waleed, and he is going forward with it.  Now, our only role might be to monitor the situation.

Per Waleed and Linda: No Ski Day this year

Rick has developed a list of helpful links for new CIRES employees.  The Communications Office will send this as an email.  The links include: CIRES HR; ASA, Monthly Leave, Travel services, Career Track information, the Innovative Research Program, CIRES Member Council, and filing your ePer.

Rick wants to include how to get access to Inside CIRES, and he will contact Rhonda.


Supervisory  Committee – Barry drafted the committee’s statement.  Anne gave a brief overview of this committee’s purpose.  (see last few months’ minutes).  This document proposes a re-structuring of the CIRES supervisors at DSRC.  CMC members should read this document and offer suggestions etc.  As you are reading, watch for the tone – need to keep it non-aggressive.  Send comments to Barry, Anne, or Deann.   We will discuss this document more fully next month.


Telecommuting – Rick looked into the rules for telecommuting from SKAGGS.  For NOAA people, have to adhere to NOAA’s telecommuting rules.  He will look at all divisions’ policies and perhaps CMC could use what he learns to develop a more generic CIRES telecommuting policy.  Deann emphasized the importance of telecommuting in attracting NSIDC employees.  She also explained the NSIDC policy and process.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013
12:00 pm


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