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CMC Minutes Oct. 17, 2016

Monday October 17 2016 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Meeting minutes 10/17/2016


    In attendance:  Chance Sterling (GML), Chelsea Thompson (CSL), Patrick Veres (CSL), Mistia Zuckerman (NSIDC), Craig Hartsough (GSL), Carrie Morrill (NCEI), Kathleen Lantz (GML), Lucia Harrop, Eric Adamson (SWPC), Nate Campbell (CIRES Admin), Amanda Morton (CIRES Outreach), Robin Moser (CSTPR), Rick Tisinai (CSL)


    Lunch and introductions!

    Craig brought two new GSL members to consider joining: Beth Russell, and Eric James


    The meeting started at 12:15pm


    By-Laws announcement – The CMC ratified By-Laws were submitted to Waleed, who has suggestions before he approves them, so Rick and Craig will follow through.


    Supervisor’s Evaluation document – CMC needs to see what was sent, and continue to adjust the document. Kathy requested to see the document. It was available via Google Docs from NOAA, but there is difficulty for some non-NOAA people to access the document.

    Nate said that Google docs access is not accessible to non-NOAA CMC members and Lucia said that NOAA to CU is also difficult.

    Another test will be sent to unravel the communications situation for everybody.

    Nate also announced that CMC members can send a picture to CIRES IT and then get an invitation to connect to that person’s CMC page.

    Lucia said that Will Van Dauster at NOAA has an open door policy for photographs.


    Town Hall Meetings – Rick reported that Kristen Averyt was already aware that Waleed needs to step it up for scheduling his Town Hall meetings, and has been prompting him to get those in place.

    Nate suggested having CMC lead the arrangements. Waleed’s scheduling is a common block. The Town Hall Meetings were meant to take on more CIRES questions, rather than take time at Rendezvous. This was decided during the post-Rendezvous meeting, as a result of Rendezvous feedback from CIRES members.

    Rick – in addition to Town Hall Meetings, using CIRES IT tools such as Survey Monkey and the Anonymous Feedback Site to gather information from the CIRES members will make the communication between Waleed and CIRES members much better.

    Chance - CIRES lists, especially the Divisions need to be updated and distributed. Kathy asked to update the web pages to reflect the new members and affiliations.



    Membership update – Chance

    Three new people! We need an updated CMC representative number for each Lab and Division, especially after all these new members. (We need to maintain a 3%-of-lab CIRES membership.)

    Chance said he realized that a new component of the Membership Chair is to help the Secretary retain the institutional memory by collecting information from outgoing CMC members.


    Web site – Chance suggested clearing up the redundancy between the CMC private page and the public page. Nate suggested using the Search feature on the CIRES site to find things.

    Lucia asked why the CMC has a public page at all. Nate said that the public page is meant to facilitate changes to both pages. CIRES IT can react better to this set up. For example, a person can be a researcher and CIRES members.

    Kathy echoed the concern over the CMC public-facing page. Do CIRES members even go to the public page? Nate said that there is usually a link to the InsideCIRES page. Chance defended the public site as a way for CIRES people, finding the public page with a web search, to get to the InsideCIRES page.

    Both Kathy and Lucia said that CIRES members have long been used to going directly to the InsideCIRES site. Nate defended the outward facing page for facilitating changes for now, and it will take another year for the public page to be absorbed. Changes such as member profiles, CMC business, etc. are working well for now.

    Rick suggested using part of a meeting to have the CMC look at the pages in question on a projector screen.



    • Chair – Chance Sterling was elected

    • Vice Chair – Mimi Hughes was elected

    • Secretary – Mitzi Zuckerman was elected, but will need to wait until after she has her baby, so Nate will take notes until January when Mitzi will return to work.

    Lucia – the Membership Chairperson needs a second person to help with out-of-NOAA members! It is very difficult to tack membership changes in the CMC when not in the NOAA building, since most of CIRES is at NOAA.

    Therefore, it was unanimously agreed that there be Membership Co-Chairs.

    There will be an adjustment to the By-Laws before finalizing them.

    • Craig Hartsough and Nate Campbell - co-chairs

    • Rendezvous Chair – Amanda Morton was elected

    • OPA Chair - Mimi Hughes was elected (she had served in the past year)

    • Exec and Fellows Reps – Carrie Morrill will continue, Kathy Lantz and Robin Moser will join.

    Elections were completed.

    Rick – A new CMC picture is in the offing!

    Craig has “the box” of stuff that has some legacy papers, etc. He will look through it and bring a report at the next meeting.


    Meeting adjourned at 2:05pm