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CMC Minutes Oct. 20, 2014

Monday October 20 2014 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Meeting  10/20/2014


    Members present: Doug Fowler, Gloria Hicks, Robin Strelow, Rick Tisinai, Barry Eakins, Kiki Holl, Ben Livneh, Lucia Harrop, Christopher Clack


    Administrative Topics:

    Doug reviewed the by-laws re: elections for officers; Doug read through the duties.

    Election: Rick is Chair (no other candidate); Robin is Vice Chair; Amanda Morgan might be secretary.  We will find out next month. Officers serve for 1 year.


    Doug & others who met with Waleed plus Rick & Robin need to meet with Kristen (?). She is planning to meet with Barry in his office on Thursday.


    Lucia – who is outgoing? Kiki, David, Joe, Deann, Doug, Gloria. Possible that GSL can’t find a replacement, but Ben has someone lined up to replace him. That person might replace Joe instead.   


    Barry – we can start looking ahead for the various committees for Rendezvous and any other committees we might need.


    Questions for Paula  -  Kristen told Lucia that Paula might not attend the CMC meeting next month.


    [[missing notes due to system crash]]


    Barry -  would the meeting with Kristen take the place of Paula meeting with us?

    Rick – We should still develop a question or two for either Kristen or Paula.  Anne P. sent an email that basically states that she would like CIRES to gather data similar to the CSL and ESRL data reflected in the attached graphs, so that CIRES could make a determination as to any possible inequities at CIRES based on gender.


    One troubling statistic is that 40% of the employees leaving CIRES are women, but women only make up 25% of the CSL work force.


    Lucia – could this have some relation with the number of women scientists entering the work force over time?


    Rick – Yes, and they are taking that into consideration.  Are biggest question is can CIRES management get the information they need to make an assessment as to possible inequities. 


    Lucie – CU does not track gender (perhaps due to legalities and hiring practices).  This question might not be answerable.


    Deann – I think there must be a way to do this legally


    Lucia – CIRES doesn’t have much sat as to pay and promotions in CSL.  You might be able to get to the data, but CIRES can’t do anything about disparities.


    Barry – where does the responsibility lie? What we (CMC) can do is advocate – hold CIRES accountable for looking at the data on a regular basis and addressing any issues they find.  We can ask if these practices skew based on gender.  We are looking for fairness in the hiring/promoting/firing processes.


    Rick – Someone (the two Anne’s) is trying to determine if there is a problem based on data from one lab.


    [There was a related discussion re: recommendations on the ASA and Career Track process and how it relates to this issue]