Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

CMC Minutes Oct. 9, 2013

CMC Meeting  10/09/2013


Members present: Doug Fowler, Rick Tisinai, Joe Olson , Kiki Holl, , Gloria Hicks, Barry Eakins, Ann Perring

Visitors: Allison McComiskey


Action Item: need to start making reservations at Backcountry each month.


Rendezvous – start making plans. Lornay wants to take part in it – she needs to pass on some of her tasks (program etc.), will train someone this year.

1st, 2nd, 6th, 12th, 13th – available UMC dates UMC has 1st & 2nd on tentative hold. Let’s shoot for Friday the 2nd.

Rendezvous Committee:   Rick volunteers to chair the committee, Gloria will be a member.  We need someone not on the CMC. Rick will send out a draft recruitment email to CMC.  Once everyone is happy with it, he will send it to Sarah to forward to CIRES at large.


Awards Committee: Check with Deann if she wants to chair committee (Joe will chair if she doesn’t have time).  We need to check the bylaws to determine how many members total for the committee: non-CMC members and CMC members.


CIRES bike is in place – outside the building on the bike rack.


PI issue – no updates  Still need to get with Waleed.


Allison – this is still a very serious issue.  Waleed is still trying to work this out.  He has realized that it is more complicated.  This group needs to keep pushing – ask CIRES not to stop fighting.


Barry – is it at the conflict stage?


Allison – I don’t know.  It will take some serious action.  We need to keep the pressure on. 


Doug – this requires that NOAA directors make some major changes. 


Allison – we need Waleed to go to the higher levels of NOAA administration to get NOAA to change. 


Rick – is there any way for a PI to get their own funding and bypass going through NOAA.


Allison- that is considered illegal by someone.  CIRES does encourage their people to go after grants, but it is not a law.


Rick – there might be a way via common practice. 


Ann – I don’t think we are going to get around the legality issue. 


Doug will talk to Lornay & see if a couple of us can meet with Waleed.


 Allison- I want to be part of that meeting.  NOAA does not care – non-responsive.  Waleed needs to understand the seriousness of the issue and that it continues to go on.


Telecommuting – no updates since Sep. meeting.  John Rush is retired, but will be back next month as part time contractor.  Not sure if this will be on his plate or his successor’s.  CIRES does have a strict policy but other departments are following their own policies.


David went to Executive Comm. Meeting, but Barry hasn’t heard from him.  We need an alternate in case both Barry & David are unable to attend.  David is out of action for the foreseeable future due to the flood.  Rick will go next time if there is no one else.  Barry will check for the next meeting & inform Rick.  Ann volunteered and we voted her as the alternate.   Allison – very important that you announce yourself at beginning of meeting.  You can participate in Exec meetings but not Fellows. (Staggered terms of 2 years each).


Supervisory Committee: Barry – two big things that came out of last meeting: How many CMC representatives should we have and how should they be divided among the divisions.  Once we determine this, we need to contact those groups and encourage people to join CMC.  Inside CIRES site will have the current membership list.   Allison – get the CIRES staff list from John Rush and sort by division. Doug provided Lornay’s numbers on this.


Next thing: DSRC supervisory issues.  Drafted what he saw as main issues and shared with the supervisory committee.  In a couple of weeks, the committee will revisit and then share with CMC at large.


We need a new CMC picture!


ASAs:   Lornay has talked to Susan Lenz (Lentz? Lendz?), but Doug can’t find the notes from that talk or hasn’t received them yet.  She suggested that we create a committee to come up with ideas for changes we think are necessary.   Rick – we need to deal with job classifications first.  Barry – lots of issues wrapped up in this. 


Ski Day – Doug will talk to Lornay who was supposed to talk Waleed re: funds etc. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013
12:00 pm


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