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CMC Minutes Sept. 12, 2016

Monday September 12 2016 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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    CMC Minutes

    September 12th 2016

    NOAA DSRC Room 3C404


    In attendance:  Rick Tisinai (CSL), Craig Hartsough (GSL), Amanda Morton (Outreach), Lucia Harrop (CIRES Admin), Mimi Hughes (PSL), Carrie Morrill (NCEI), Gina Brewer (NCEI), Anoniette Capotondi (PSL), Nathan Campbell (CIRES IT), Carrie Bell (NCEI), Chance Sterling (GML), Kathy Lantz (GML), Alan Pope (NSIDC)


    Guests: Chelsea Thompson (CSL), Patrick Veres (CSL), Eric Adamson (SWPC)

    All three guests are prospective CMC members


    Chairperson Christine Holt has left CIRES as of August 2016, and Vice Chairperson Anne Perring is on maternity leave.

    A quorum was reached


    12:00 – 12:15 Lunch (brown bag)


    The meeting was called to order by Rick Tisinai (Secretary) at 12:14 pm



    • Anne Perring is having her baby today!

    • Next month is the CMC elections - current members and prospective members are encouraged to consider positions for Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Membership chairperson, and Rendezvous Chairperson.


    The new CMC by-Laws: a discussion regarding the current version of Article 3, paragraph 4 (“If a CMC member’s constituents express a wish…”) needed CMC input as to how it should be handled.

    From the previous By-Laws, the CIRES Director’s approval was required for a CMC member’s removal. The discussion was to continue this or change it?

    The decision was to change the By-Laws as follows:

    The CMC itself would determine whether to keep or remove the representative in question, without requiring approval from the CIRES Director. The CMC Chairperson would inform CIRES Administration if the representative was replaced.

    A vote was held, and it was unanimously approved to change the By-Laws accordingly.

    Rick and Craig will hammer out the wording for this section and send the By-Laws document out to the CMC for ratification via email.

    Reflections on the CIRES Review: Antoniette, Kathy, Nate and Rick shared experiences from the CIRES Review, held August 29-31, 2016.

    • Generally, a very good experience, with good presentations and smooth operations. Waleed had sent a message to the CIRES scientists announcing that it was well done. The unofficial assessment was a “thumbs up” from the review committee. They will send an official document at a later time.


    CIRES Bike Helmets: Though the helmets had been missing, it turns out they were located and put back shortly after noticing they were gone. Chance had helped locate and replace the helmets. Therefore, there are no missing helmets. There are markings on the helmets to show they are CIRES-owned, but perhaps more obvious markings would be better to help remind people to put them back! Lucia will look into this.

    Town Meetings: Rick announced that “this is the season” to prompt Waleed to commit to scheduling his Town Hall meetings for the three CIRES campuses. At this point, it can start with a meeting with Kristen Averyt to pass on our request for Waleed’s schedule. In addition, the CMC needs to prepare to host these events, by having CMC representatives there to introduce Waleed!

    Renewing the committee to finalize the Supervisor’s Evaluation document: Craig said he will be meeting Christina to check in on the status. It has not been fully vetted by the CMC, so not ready to submit to Waleed. However, Waleed is waiting for this document! When we have the update from Christina, we can form a new committee to finalize it in the October meeting.

    No Reports from the Fellows or Executive Committees this month – Carrie announced that the two committees get back together later this month.


    New Business:

    With the budget limit for paid lunches from CIRES, the struggles and general frustration has returned within the CMC regarding ever-changing meeting places and especially, accessibility. There was unanimous consensus on this point. Additionally, the CMC agreed that we have tried in good faith to adjust to the budget change.

    On September 6th, Rick sent an email message (Lucia cc’d) to Gretchen Richards asking about our current balance on the CMC lunch budget. There was no reply. This full issue will be taken up by Rick in his meeting with Kristen Averyt.

    It was also discussed to have email list of CIRES members by Lab to help CMC members easily communicate with their constituents. Nate said he could do this with CIRES IT resources.

    Nate also asked the current CMC officers if they could access the CMC websites and it seems that access is still not quite working. There are two CMC sites: one is the public-facing site, which has read/write permissions for the Officers, and the internal site which does not have any read/write access for anyone other than CIRES IT.

    In the public-facing site, CMC members can update their CMC profile. Pictures for each CMC member can be taken by either the University (Lucia and Amanda described this) or Will Von Dauster at NOAA (described by Chelsea Thompson).



    To get pictures from the University (free) as previously sent by Lucia, contact:

    To get a picture taken by Will Von Dauster at NOAA, contact him at: