Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

December Monthly Meeting

Monday December 3 2018 @ 12:00 pm





12:00 pm

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Closed to Public

  • CIRES employees
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    Mistia Zuckerman, CMC chair (NSIDC)
    Jonathan Kofler, Secretary (GML)
    Alessandro Franchin (CSL)
    Eric Adamson (SWPC)
    Michael Toy (GSL)
    Eric James (GSL)
    Nathan Campbell (CIRES Admin)
    Joe Katich (CSL)
    Aaron Sweeney (NCEI)
    Adam Woods (NCEI)
    Brian Meyer (NCEI)
    Lucia Harop (ESRL)
    Andrew Badger (Main Campus)
    Dawn Umpleby (Earth Lab /NC CASC)
    Mimi Hughes (PSL)

    12/3/2018 - 12:09 pm – The meeting was called to order at Backcountry Pizza
    Upcoming CMC meetings dates and locations:
    Mistia asked for feedback about what days and locations are good for meetings in the next 6 months. After discussion, 2nd Mondays of the month work, and rotating locations between NOAA, SEEC, NSIDC, and restaurants with appropriate private areas. For upcoming meetings Mistia will email with a few weeks advance notice the next location.   Lucia brought up that if a new restaurant is considered, a relatively private location would be preferably in case confidential topics arise.  Mistia suggests that we should email our clusters several weeks before the meeting, and then a reminder email within a few days of the meeting date
    Housing Issue:
    Ale reports that an email was sent out last August stating if you start family housing after September your contract will be 2 years and terminated at two years with no exception. CMC decided to bring this to attention of housing management.  The idea is to say avg salary (low), avg rent (high) this month, avg length of contract is more than 2 years, and a longer term possibility would be helpful in some cases.  At the last meeting the CMC decided to send out email to clusters with questions about family housing to find for how many people this is an issue and what their complaints and solutions might be.  Ale received 5 replies to his survey email, and then after repeating it, another 6 replies.  He made excel worksheet summary, and will compile and share the responses as a google spreadsheet.  Nathan had a few respondents to an email inquiry of on campus CIRES staff.  He received a heated passionate response (for whom the 2 year term was an issue).  NCEI didn’t get any replies. Lucia suggested narrowing the survey to only employees hired in the last 5 years.  Our HR dept could provide that information. She also suggested we could send out a central email, but Nathan said no because it might look like it is coming from admin and it would be hard to track double replies .  In the end, conclude Action Item Alessandro will send CMC members an email to get reply from their cluster surveys so he can compile survey responses into his google spreadsheet.  Based on the responses, he will decide how to proceed. 
    Approval of Meeting Notes:
    Jon Kofler reports that approval and submission of meeting notes is not written into the CMC bylaws. Mistia and Mimi suggest that notes should be made available to the CMC right after meeting (I can do the same day, but it takes me a little while to write them up) as a shared google doc, and then allow a week for modifications and edits at which point they will be submitted to be added to the CMC website.
    New Travel Policy
    Eric Adamson raises the topic of whether the CMC should take up the travel policy.  Discussion follows.  Lucia raises the point that only a few cases of more than 100 would have been affected.  MImi raises the point that many people brought it up and were opposed to new policy. Vote on whether CMC should take this up: 6/15 vote yes, 4/15 raise their hand they don’t care about the issue.  Mistia: is there a way to add an exception?  She would like to explore it more at the next meeting and requests we all read the new policy.  Action item:  Everyone should read the new travel policy.
    Executive and Fellows Meetings
    The executive meeting this month was canceled
    Antonietta Capotondi went to the Fellows meeting, but is not present today
    CIRES Salaries
    Ale: is there a way to determine if our salaries are appropriate -- a salary check? Lucia:  CIRES HR can run a compression check.  Lucia:  A person can go to HR directly if they feel their salary is falling outside of their salary group range.  Eric A.: transparency would be good.  Mistia: CU stopped posting salaries because they don’t compare with industry.  Lucia: In CIRES, there are a wide range of salaries, which can make it difficult to determine if a salary is appropriate.
    Mentoring Program
    Mimi: In a meeting Waleed was generally supportive, however had questions and concerns about the details. Sounds like we are going to get a mentoring problem.  Will meet with BJ to discuss his input, and move forward with it.  Waleed will support the mentoring program.  Time frame.  Launch date sept 2019.  Some details. How are we going to sell this.  How will we assess it?   Work over next couple months and hire a student to work with Nate. At some point at CMC we will ask from CMC. 
    Motion (nate):  to add another 3 year term to the CMC for Mimi Hughes. Unanimous yes
    Promotion Timing
    Brian Meyer:  A promotion cannot occur at the 4 year time period but can only be considered after 4 years which adds time after the 4 years of service before a promotion can be received and it will be a different length of service before it can be considered depending on what time of year someone was hired.  Lucia explains that a decision needed to be made and they fell on side of making the policy as is.  Reading John Rush’s email from 11/9/18 reads “Years of service is a technical requirement that must be met”, but also says “Early promotion is possible but requires specific justification”.  
    HR at next Meeting
    Because of input needed from BJ for the Mentoring program and other HR issues that have arisen (salary check, promotion timing), we will invite BJ to the next meeting.
    Meeting Adjourned 1:35 pm
    Location: BackcountryPizza