Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

February CMC Meeting

Monday February 12 2018 @ 12:00 pm
to 2:00 pm





12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Closed to Public

  • CIRES employees
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    Mimi Hughes, CMC chair (PSL), Mistia Zuckerman, secretary (NSIDC), Lucia Harrop (CIRES Admin/ESRL), 

    Mike Toy (GSL), Chelsea Thompson (CSL), Alessandro Franchin (CSL), Eric Adamson (SWPC), Carrie Morrill (NCEI), 

    Kathleen Lantz (GML), Jonathan Kofler (GML), Antonietta Capotondi (PSL), Amanda Morton (outreach), Nate Campbell (CIRES Admin)


    12:10pm - The meeting was called to order. 


    Mimi said that they are still looking for two more people to join from Main Campus.  Nate will send out a message and Mimi will talk to Christine.    

    Outstanding performance awards (OPA)

    Mimi reported that the OPA Chair is still looking for one more non-CMC member.  Non-CMC members typically do not serve more than a year in a row.  Questions ensued regarding how the award money is divided. If a group has one person who is a former employee while main part of the project was done, but then he is no longer a CIRES employee, what happens?  We do not state that you have to be a current employee to receive the award. 

    Once that person leaves CIRES employment, they cannot receive money from CIRES. 

    Will we accept nominations for people who are no longer CIRES employees?  There is no reciprocal award.  

    What happens if there was a team of 3 people and 1 of them is a fed employee?  

    Technically, the award nomination could go forward but do you judge it.  Mimi suggested that we suggest we review it on the work as a whole team.     


    Motion: At the time of the nomination deadline, nominees must be active CIRES employees for individual and team awards.   

    The motion was approved unanimously.  


    Motion: In order to receive any OPA award, the nominee must be a CIRES employee at the time of the CIRES rendezvous.   

                The motion was approved unanimously.  

    New Career Workshop

    Christine Weidinmyer will be leading an early-career workshop.  Mimi will make sure the CMC gets information on this.  

    J2 Waiver Processing Time

    Alessandro reported that spouses on the J-2 need to do VS2019 (resident permit).  The visa allows you to go back and forth and this document lets you stay.  The J2 person only gets approval to work after 150 days after the J1 is approved. Lucia suggested that he work with International Students and Scholars, because they would know of work arounds.  It may be possible to get it processed sooner. It would be important to prioritize these people at CIRES so that there are not more delays than necessary.  

    Executive and Fellows Meetings 

    Mimi suggested that the person who goes to the meetings will write a short 2-sentence summary that goes out to the email list. Antonietta said that would be no problem.  

    CMC Handbook

    Mimi reported that an outgoing member felt strongly that we have a CMC handbook outlining what the CMC does.  The concern is that if several CMC members leave at the same time, there would not be a lot of direction for the next CMC group. Discussion ensued and concluded that no one has the time to do this right now.  Lucia pointed out that the CMC is very different and doing very different things than 10 years ago.  A possible alternative would be to have more mentoring and initiation when a new person starts.  

    Fellows Meetings

    Mimi raised a past issue that almost all of the Fellows are on Main campus.  A broad discussion ensued about how it could be more inclusive.  What are the NOAA scientists missing out on?  What is the definition and function of a fellow? CMC determined that there is enough interest to form a committee.  

    Executive and Fellows Meetings 

    Antonietta reported on the latest fellows meetings. 


    1:47 concluded.