Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

IRP Poster Reception

Save the date for the CIRES’ Innovative Research Program (IRP) Poster Session and Reception on Thursday, November 14, in the CIRES Atrium, at 4:30pm. The reception will feature the research results of last year's IRP winners, listed below. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.
The IRP is an internal CIRES competition designed to stimulate a creative research environment within CIRES and to encourage synergy between disciplines and research colleagues. The program encourages novel, unconventional or fundamental research that might otherwise be difficult to fund. CIRES-wide competitions are conducted each year to foster an innovative research environment where risk taking is allowed and even encouraged.
2018 IRP Recipients:

  • Do people or forests emit more monoterpenes? Detection of monoterpene emissions from volatile chemical products in urban areas
    • Investigators: Carsten Warneke, Brian McDonald, Matthew Coggon, Jessica Gilman
  • A Terrestrial Simulator of Wildfire Impacts on Watersheds across the western U.S.
    • Investigators: Ben Livneh, Fernando Rosario-Ortiz
  • CMOPS: an Optical Particle Sizer for Coarse Mode Aerosols
    • Investigators: Hagen Telg, Allison McComiskey
  • Innovative approach to investigation of gas and aerosol emissions and oxidation products from volatile chemical products, consumer products, and human activity in indoor environments
    • Investigators: Jose Jimenez
  • New insights into sea ice processes through innovative use of new passive microwave remote sensing approaches
    • Investigators: Walt Meier, Mary Jo Brodzik
  • Quantifying the impact of water storage changes on earthquake seismicity from integrated satellite geodesy
    • Investigators: Kristy Tiampo, Steve Nerem
  • Demonstration of high spectral resolution lidar (HSRL) measurements of aerosols and clouds using a coherent Doppler wind lidar.
    • Investigators: Sunil Baidar, Alan Brewer, Paul Schroeder


Thursday, November 14, 2019
4:30pm to 6:00pm


CIRES Atrium


Refreshments provided