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IRP Poster Session

Thursday November 18 2021 @ 3:45 pm





3:45 pm

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    Thursday, November 18, 2021: 3:45pm
    Virtual (Tune in via Zoom)
    The CIRES’ Innovative Research Program (IRP) Virtual Poster Session and Q&A is  Thursday, November 18. The event will feature the research results of IRP winners, listed below. This year's format will include introductions by Waleed Abdalati, CIRES Director, and Christine Wiedinmyer, CIRES Associate Director for Science, as well as short presentations from each IRP Winner followed by a Q&A virtual session with the presenters.
    3:45-4:15—Opening Remarks and short presentations by all IRP recipients
    4:15-4:20—Break and transition to Topia (
    4:20-5:00—IRP Poster session via Topia (walk around and see all 4 posters)
    We will be using Topia for the poster session. Take a few minutes to refresh or learn about how Topia works here.
    IRP Recipients
    Gas from fault zones during seismic and aseismic slip - ventilation or lubrication?
    Investigator: Roger Bilham
    Analysis of atmospheric composition data from Changzhou, China, obtained during the COVID-19 outbreak
    Investigators: Andrew Jensen, Zhiqiang Liu, Wen Tan, Barbara Dix, Tianshu Chen, Abigail Koss, Liang Zhu, Li Li, Joost de Gouw
    Climate variability and Malaria in Mozambique
    Investigators: Ryan Harp, James M. Colborn, Baltazar Candrinho, Kathryn L. Colborn, Lei Zhang, Kristopher Karnauskas
    Development of a novel, dry ice-cooled, balloon-borne frost point hygrometer
    Investigators: Dale Hurst, Emrys Hall, Allen Jordan