Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder

November 2017 CMC Meeting

Meeting Minutes

12:10pm - The meeting was called to order.  Minutes taken by Mistia Zuckerman.


Mimi Hughes, current chair (PSL), Mistia Zuckerman (NSIDC), Patrick Veres (CSL) Chelsea Thompson (CSL), Alessandro Froundin (CSL, visitor), Carrie Morrill (NCEI), Eric Adamson (SWPC), Eric James (GSL), Lucia Harrop (Admin), Michael Toy (GSL, visitor), Amanda Morton (Outreach/Admin), Kathy Lantz (GML), Sonja Wolter (GML), Jonathan Kofler (GML), Nate Cambell (CIRES), Carrie Wall (NCEI)

Summary of Action Items

  • Mimi will try to create Google invitations for future meetings. 
  • Everyone should read the CIRESness and equities report and see what is still relevant.
  • Each ‘cluster’ will send out an invitation to the next meeting to those they represent.

CIRES Budget & Updates with Waleed

Mimi and Robin met with Waleed. Mimi described the three items they discussed: 
1).  Requested a budget increase so that we could have ~9 meetings a year at Backcountry Pizza (and/or a few ‘tour’ meetings). We now have a larger CMC membership than when the budget was originally created.   2) Asked how CMC leadership should interact with CIRES’ new leadership structure.  They decided that Robin and Mimi will meet with Heather and Christine after every CMC meeting.  3) They discussed whether or not we need a member from SEEC, which we will decide later today. 

Membership Chair

Eric James volunteered to be membership chair.  Chelsea Thompson seconded his nomination. 

  • Motion: To make Eric James membership chair.

The motion was approved unanimously. 

SEEC Membership

 Nate found that 26 people have their home office marked as SEEC (including EarthLab).  Discussion ensued regarding the fact that there are people at ATOC, civil engineering, Envs, and EarthLab in the SEEC building.  Physically, they are very far away from East Campus.  Waleed said that he would support SEEC representation if we decided whether membership is based on location or department.  As part of SEEC, it might make sense to have a representative. We agreed to have the SEEC building represented them on the CMC unless we find out that they are not primarily represented on main campus.

Later on in the meeting Nate found that the SEEC building has 7 CIRES employees once those with offices on other campuses are excluded so we are not going to have a SEEC representative. 

OPA Eligibility

Mimi read the description of OPA Eligibility.  She explained that last year one team was not eligible because it had a post-doc and a graduate student on it.  Discussion ensued regarding whether or not graduate students should be eligible and the distinction between grad students and post-docs, that graduate students get student award opportunities, recognizing longer-term scientists.  Government employees are the ones who are supposed to be getting the money.  . 

  • Motion: To make post-docs eligible for OPA awards. 

The motion was approved unanimously.  

  • Motion:  To allow graduate students to be eligible for an OPA award if they are part of a nominated team. The motion was approved.    

Possible language:  Research associates, research scientists, and post-docs who are CIRES employees are eligible for OPA awards.  

  • We will wordsmith via email and vote on it later. 

CMC Bylaws

Heather and Christine want to review our bylaws.  Mimi mentioned that Robin would like more detail into the bylaws.  There is something that is in the pile of stuff that was in the Google drive.  Nate will talk to Robin to show her the archive.  (OPA is taken care of)


Mistia talked about the two bikes on East Campus.  Discussion ensued.  Mistia will talk to Lucia about storing the bikes during the winter and what to do with the extra one.     

List of items for Heather

Heather wants to open up communication with the CMC. 

Equities and CIRESness report

Mimi requested that everyone please read equities report and CIRESness report and see what is still relevant.  These reports compared CIRES and NOAA employment to gauge morale.  It was a response to the ARPAC.  The CIRES report was more about identity. 


Mimi discussed the question from a few months ago, “Are people bringing issues to the CMC?”  Discussion ensued regarding how groups can practically maintain a list of membership.  Lucia said that she was willing to generate a list after every meeting.  Patrick mentioned other methods for pulling names.  Mimi wondered if an email within their division will improve their awareness of the CMC or if we should send out an email with minutes.  It was decided that a link to the minutes would be appropriate.  Action item: Each cluster rep will send out the invitation to the next meeting with a link to last meeting’s minutes.

Discussion ensued about town halls and other ways to get people involved. 
Conclusion: we will do a summer tour (previously called a town hall).  This time, just have a regular meeting. 
Mimi is open to all idea.  CMC coffees: come and meet your CMC reps and have a cup of coffee with them. 

Rendezvous committee

Due to the automation of numerous tasks surrounding the Rendezvous, Nate asked if forming a committee for the 2018 Rendezvous was necessary. The alternative of Nate identifying volunteers for tasks was proposed.  Mimi will check if there is anything in the bylaws that says there must be a committee; if not, Nate will not form a formal committee, but will ask for volunteers as necessary. 

1:53pm – meeting adjourned


Monday, November 13, 2017
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


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