Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

NSIDC Cryosphere Seminar

Wednesday November 20 2019 @ 11:00 am
to 12:00 pm





11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Open to Public

  • CIRES employees
  • CU Boulder employees
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  • NOAA employees
  • Science collaborators
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    University of the Arctic (UArctic) and CU by Donna Anger, Director of International Programs for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks
    The University of Colorado (all 4 campuses) is a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic), a powerful international organization created by The Arctic Council.  Despite its name, it is not one university but a consortium of 200+ universities, colleges, and research institutes.  Its mission is to “Empower the people of the Circumpolar North by providing unique educational and research opportunities through collaboration within a powerful network of members.”
    Donna Anger of the University of Alaska Fairbanks will present on: how researchers can benefit from UArctic’s thematic networks, student exchange program, online learning and advertising Arctic-related courses to thousands of students in the Arctic.  She will also discuss how to benefit from the UArctic network and the status on Arctic Research – What is researched globally and what is not studied.
    * Dr. Lars Kullerud, President of UArctic and Outi Snellman, Vice President of UArctic can no longer make it due to health issues.