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Reservoir Sedimentation Management Options and Data Needs

By Dr. Greg Morris, PE

During the 20th century, large investments were made building dams and reservoirs. However, with reservoir sedimentation diminishing reservoir storage volume and encroaching onto outlet works, the 21st century increasingly will see investment focused on activities to manage sedimentation problems to sustain operation of this critical infrastructure. Sediment management was not considered in the original design of most dams and to sustain dams and reservoirs in operation requires new and non-traditional approaches for design, operation and monitoring.

Dr. Morris will first describe the sedimentation patterns seen in reservoirs, together with the types of monitoring strategies needed to document the problem and identify appropriate solutions. He then will provide a broad overview of management strategies available to address sedimentation problems, giving examples from around the world.

Dr. Morris is a professional engineer with over 40 years of experience, working on design problems and lecturing in over 30 countries. Dr. Morris is co-author of the Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook and numerous peer-reviewed publications. He seeks to make the water resources community more aware of cost-effective design and operational practices that can sustain operation of critical reservoir infrastructure.

This event is part of a series of webinars on reservoir sedimentation, sponsored in part by the CIRES Education & Outreach group and the CIRES Western Water Assessment group, focused on reservoir sedimentation and sustainability. Organizers are part of the Subcommittee on Sedimentation’s National Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainability Team, presenting sustainable solutions to reservoir sediment management.

The full list of upcoming and recorded webinars as well as professional development hour certificates can be found at this link: Announcing the Reservoir Sedimentation Management Webinar Series.


Thursday, February 22, 2018
11:00am to 12:00pm

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